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The end is near!

Matching the “divine inferiority complex” post on Wednesday, I scribbled another little cartoon:

The end is near!

Creative Commons License

(I really should look for a drawing course…)

The idea is not mine, though; I remember having read a Donald Duck(?) cartoon – short like mine, but better drawn, of course – a long, long time ago where Donald was just an observer added to this setting.

Update: Uwe hinted me at the LTBs (“funny paper book”), when I had rather thought of a newspaper one-liner, and I found it in the Inducks in Spanish; published in Germany in 1986 in LTB 114.

An astrologer checking his predictions

As you can see, I’m not too experienced or gifted an artist before the lord1, but this idea, inspired (among other things) by the discussion(?) during the comments about “anthroposophic globules” (German), is something I simply had to draw – if someone wants to do a better drawing, go ahead, I’m licensing the idea as well as the drawing under Creative Commons: :)

Cartoon Astrologer
(Click for large version)

Creative Commons License

  1. and not only because I don’t believe in any lord ;) []

Shipping costs for truth?

Ausschau haltend Welcome to the latest edition of “replying” to search queriesi am the evil laughing inside of you!

For those who don’t know yet: These search phrases, highlighted in grey, led people here, and I neither shortened nor extended them nor made them up, I just translated the German ones.

Please lord let brook come to school today and everyday because we made a deal that we have no we made a friend ship truth that we will come to skool everyday from now on!!!!I BEALIVE IN HER I WANT HER TO NOT BRAKE THAT FRIENDSHIP PROMIS I WANT her to be
No god’s gonna help you, but keep going to school in any case, I don’t want any friend to ship the truth again! (What are the shipping costs, by the way?) Orthograpy and punctuation: F.

Let me correct that (hoping I got everything right myself):
Please, lord, let Brook1 come to school today and everyday because we made a deal that we have, no, we made a friend ship truth friendship troth2 that we will come to skool school everyday from now on!!!! I BEALIVE BELIEVE IN HER, I WANT HER TO NOT BRAKE BREAK THAT FRIENDSHIP PROMISE, I WANT her to be …(what?)

Baby Go Crazy Break The Rules Baby Come Take Me After School Oh Let Me Go
Take or let go? Now what? And with all that bad spelling above??

did color me badd pray over there song
A song about whether Color Me Badd were praying over there?? And anyway, over where?

deep purpple smoke of the worter
No, not quite there yet. But don’t give up, maybe you make it next week.

(do you see colours when you die)
((Depends on where you die.))

german e-mail excuse
Oh, no problem, I understand German.

please tell me you’re a fire waiting for my dry humor
Dry humor is too good to get burned. Speaking of burning:

why are there no more matchstick men
Here’s the answer:
why matchstick men are extinct
(artist unknown – anyone know more?)

how to stop electricity meter
Stop consuming electricity.

girl wears too to with no underwear
Tutu or not tutu, that is the question. Or would you prefer a doodle? I do doodle. You too. You do doodle, too.3

numerology 7 and 16
Anyone is actually numbering numerologies consecutively?

www.twogirls and onecap.com
No, domain names don’t look like that, and its content is also wrong.

full moon water won’t go bad
Full moon water is already bad – bad for your mind if you believe it would be different from water filled on other days.

virator diaper
Might very well be that (used) diapers are a source vor viruses and other germs – so wash or dispose off them soon!

:bye: Bye, let’s stop before anyone gets sick from the last few search queries – and if you want to be like me, then remember: I Steal Lots Of Sweets From Little Babies COZ IM A REAL MAN!!!!!

Photo: Coka – Fotolia.com

  1. Brooke would be more common, but you never know with names… []
  2. or truce? ;) []
  3. Buffy episode 3.11: Gingerbread []