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newspaper clippings

How to find a health insurance?

Internet users won’t have problems there, given these many comparison sites (see e.g. Google).

If this variant with a small ad by this probably internet-less guy will be successful?

Ruhestandsbeamter sucht seriöse, private Krankenversicherung

Translation: Retired public official looking for respectable, private health insurance.

At any rate, thanks to using the box number, no huge number of insurance salespersons will keep his phone busy…


Eternal worship is over

Without any connection to my atheism, I think that surely many religious people will giggle at texts like these:

As the end of the eternal worship* in the parish of Wolnzach, this Saturday the celebratory evening service will be held at 6 p.m. in the parish chruch “St. Laurentius”.”
Pfaffenhofener Kurier 1 Mar 08, translation and emphasis mine.

(And yes, I looked into it* and know that it’s not uncommon to have this eternal worship move from one parish or church to the next.)

* This is the literal translation of German “Ewige Anbetung” for this catholic tradition, I don’t know if there’s a special English name for it, and there is no corresponding English Wikipedia page.

World-famous gypsy

Small ad from a recent “Pfaffenhofener Anzeiger”:

World-known gypsy

Translation: World-known Gypsy tells you the truth in your love, as well as partnership combination by remote magic

:thumbsdown: Quite mean to use such trash to pull the money out of the pockets of possibly desparate people. If, then, coincidence helps, they’ll even more believe in “remote magic” and similar nonsense – and if nothing happens, that gypsy surely has prepared some excuses.

Why now does that remind me of yesterday’s post about prayers (German, with video in English) at “Begrenzte Wissenschaft” (=”limited science”)…?