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That’s got to hurt when they cut someone out of a garden!

We cut you out of their garden

You know, in German, there’s a difference between “sie” (she, they) and “Sie” (you (as address)) as well as “ihren” (her, their) and “Ihren” (your) – so they said “Wanted: Christmas tree, 12–20 meters, very nicely grown fir or spruce. We will also cut you out of their garden” instead of “…Wie will also cut it out of your garden.”

I know, not half as funny if you have to explain it…

But I can understand that the firs and spruces want to be undisturbed and have intruders removed…


(From the “Pfaffenhofener Anzeiger”.)

Oans, zwoa…

In a few days, the “Volksfest” (public festival like the Oktoberfest, just much smaller) will start here in Pfaffenhofen — and the lokal savings bank uses that for advertising its “Wiesnpackage” (festival vouchers when buying certain investment products from them).

Quiz: What’s wrong here? Probably even some of my international visitors will know that…

Oans, zwoa, drei... - Sparkasse Pfaffenhofen

(Apart from the fact that “Wiesn” is quite a euphemism for Pfaffenhofen’s festival ground…)