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Statistical aftermath

Now what are the results – as far as they concern myself – of the incredible TV muck, erm, “experiment” called “Uri Geller live – Ufos & Aliens” about which I reported more or less live?

  • Uris Aliens: WP.com-Stats A new record on Saturday that didn’t last long: WP.com-Stats counted 2826 page views (probably not 12am CET being their limit, but UTC), including 768 for the pre-report and 1120 for the live report. The best value since the start of my blog, even better than the 2549 in February – also thanks to Uri Geller.
    The visitor run continued on Sunday: 3068 total, 1126 for the pre-report and 809 for the live report. On early Sunday afternoon, the average of the last 6 months was already reached in November.
  • Almost all searchers arrived at the pre-report initially – which I expected and placed a big link there. (And of course this also contributed to the high total page views.) The pre-report was also in Google.de’s top 5 for several search word combinations, sometimes even ahead of ProSieben, the show’s TV station. :mrgreen: And the highest-placed blog.
  • Uris Aliens: Bloggerei Bloggerei.de counted on Saturday until midnight 423 unique visitors1 for the live report, which was enough for no. 12 in the top topics list; there were a total of 1295 visitors on Saturday. (Which also means that another estimated 350-400 visitors were satisfied with the pre-report. Or unsatisfied and left again. Or didn’t notice the link after all.)
    On Sunday, I temporarily reached no. 5 in the top topics and rank 28 in the top blogs list, as far as I noticed (there’s no history) – 2110 unique visitors total, about 700 for the live report.
  • Uris Aliens: Broswer-Statistik Seiten
    Uris Aliens: Broswer-Statistik Besucher
    Addendum: Originally I had left out the data from browser-statistik.de in order to not overload this post with numbers, but since Jan, who operates the site, cried so heart-rendingly (“ :cry: ”), I added them now: 2751 pages accessed by 1111 visitors on Saturday, 3061 pages by 2002 visitors on Sunday. Which put me on no. 9 on the charts there.
  • Uris Aliens: whos.amung.us According to whos.amung.us, there were up to 53 online at the same time – even if that tool isn’t known for its reliability, it rather has outages (sometimes for hours) than counting too much.
  • Originally I had planned to update my report in every or every other commercial break – but when there still was none on 9pm (there apparently were rather few commercial customers), I quickly uploaded the first part (in German) anyway; after all, there were already several readers and a few comments.
  • 13 commenters wrote 35 comments during the show; more were added later on – thanks!

The ratings were surprisingly low, rather disastrous for ProSieben – here’s the top 5 of Saturday’s primetime (source: teletexts):

Station Show Viewers
aged 3+
Marktet share Viewers
14-49 years
Market share
Sat.1 Chronicles of Narnia (movie) 5.56 Mio. 18.9% 3.25 Mio 27.6%
RTL Das Supertalent (casting show) 5.55 Mio. 18.8% 3.09 Mio. 26.2%
ARD Musikantenstadl (“folk” music) 5.32 Mio. 17.8%
ZDF Unter Verdacht (TV movie) 4.57 Mio. 15.2%
Pro7 Uri Geller live 1.40 Mio. 4.8% 0.85 Mio. 7.3%
Rerun on Sunday morning 0.54 Mio. 6.1% 0.38 Mio. 8.6%

Now does ARD being that far ahead of Pro7 speak for the intelligence of the TV audience or against it…?

  1. 423? 42 and 23 blended together? Conspiracy!!!! []

With certificate and stuff…

FF3 certificate Sorry for joining everybody else in writing a post about Firefox 3 whose download world record attempt timeframe lasts until, well, either 18:16 UTC, or 17:00 UTC as the German version of that page says (as of this writing)…

I wanted to use this opportunity to thank the creators for making such a super great participation certificate (see my image on the right) which is perfectly suited to be put in every store window and on every wall (every wall in every room!) in at least A2 size so you can feel really, really proud and flaunt it to everybody!