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Links and Videos of the Week (2009/30)

Projekt 52/26: Math around you

The next topic of Projekt 52

26: Math around you

Topic 26: Math around you

Math is everywhere, from the construction of the house I’m in to the craftsman’s bill for my desk and the computer below it, to the symmetries in flowers and the weather forecast, to the rainbow and the sunset, from the quarks to the universe itself; it’s the foundation of many branches of science. You can’t escape math1– no-one demands you calculate everything yourself and know all formulae, but ignoring it completely would also mean to ignore many intrinsic beauties of nature.

And so I used the program Foto-Mosaik-Edda to create a mosaic of Earth (Blue Marble image from Nasa) – my surroundings on a cosmic scale – from numerous of my photos of Pfaffenhofen – my surroundings on an earthly scale – (with the original overlayed at 25% intensity). And yes, this process requires some math too…

Click the image to enlarge to 1200×1200 pixels – or click here for the 4350×4350 version.

  1. though I can see why one would like to do so with the bills and taxes one has to pay ;) []



Translation: “For timeLab/24 bit”

A message when saving an animation – well, Corel Photo-Paint never was a great program for animations anyway… shortly afterwards it crashed.

(March 2009)

That’s what it was meant to read: For time settings to be saved…: