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Gabel betet stehenden Löffel an Show number six tonight, and no press release this time either, despite the mishap last week when a trick was canceled.

Of course the remaining five contestants will perform: Manuel Horeth – wants to “prove that fear weighs heavy” –, Waayatan, Jan Becker – wants to sense the “energetic trace” of fingerprints, greetings to mysticism fans –, Jan Rouven and Ully Loup – he reportedly “feels hurt deep inside when one of his competitors must leave the show.” Though I don’t think he will leave himself voluntarily…

Celebrities today: transsexual entertainer Lorielle London, actor, singer and presenter Oli Petszokat (like last year) and former No Angels singer Vanessa Petruo.

The show

Waayatan plays with fire already at the beginning – with two multi-torches while large flames blaze around the stage. A quick introduction of the celebrities (see above), and we start with the mandatory silly-talking commented retrospect…

Contestant 1: Waayatan

Today he wants to “enter the realm of the shadows as deep as never before”, he says in the clip – his torches will be quite useful there. Or he needs them to look deep into the people. “Without light, there can be no fire.” Strange sentence… Feeling the celebs’ hands: first hers, then his, then its, if you will, and Lorenzo Lorielle, with high heels half a head taller than Waaya, walks to several stones on a table on the stage – from a river with an English name which allegedly is a “power place” of his ancestors – with symbols of the “shamans” painted on them that look somewhat like element and astrology symbols. Lorielle feels the energy – feels cold.

Stones are separated in 2 heaps, she’s to hold a hand over one – they’re swept away. Turn aroud “about one half” of the remaining – she ignores the “about” and says it’s impossible because there were 9. Finaly turn around the 4 remaining stones, 2 more thrown away – by Waayatan, of course, thus he can always make sure that the group with the correct stone remains, which she then holds at her heart, symbol hidden.

Waayatan takes off his shirt and plays with 2 burning slingshots, also lets them rotate at the scared-looking Lorielle’s sides. Then talks something about symbols inside everyone, returning to everyone, and then ignites the symbol on a round platform: 2 crossed arrows (seemed to have been prepared with flammable material). Same symbol as on the stone:

Geller: “well done”. And he announces his stupid “live experiment” in which e.g. stones are supposed to attract each other by thoughts. You could think that a commercial break is next (also the other contestents are introduced now), but we switch to the celebs. Vanessa has a ghost in her upper story apartment and also believes in voodoo and similar stuff. Oli P. is more fantasy-oriented. Lorielle believes in “signs” showing her the way, and certainly isn’t refering to traffic signs. A pity, since her, er, beauty-impaired face could be hidden well behind a traffic sign.

Contestant 2: Manuel Horeth

Twisting thoughts and manipulate emotions an stuff. Lorielle and Oli back to back, are told to think about a nice dream or the corresponding emotion and write it down. Sheets close to body. Turn around. Show: Both “love”. Then Vanessa, think about a nightmare (all combined with Manuel’s hypno gestures), particular fear in it, put it mentally into a (real) box that’s on a table. She’s told to put it away, but the box is apparently too heavy. Well, electromagnets can be strong… or wait, is that a pure glass table? Then it might be a kind of hook at the edge of the two glass plates or something like it.

They talk about the fear: In a room high in a hotel. Room number 33, and the number’s on a key in the box. Apparently the exactly correct key. Probably he read about it in some gossip magazine. And there were spiders in the room, and a tarantula is in the double floor of the box. She gets to have it on her hand then. And since the fear has left the box now, she can carry it away. And, oh how nice, he has a pretty thought as parting gift – which he doesn’t say loudly. Then she can read the thought – no wonder, he’s standing with a rose next to her.

Geller is “really impressed”.

Contestant 3: Jan Becker

verbogen “Tonight we all will feel the happiness.” Where can I complain if that won’t work?? People with lucky charms stand up, hold them in their hands invisibly. Allegedly experiences and emotions and stuff are stored in them. A ring of an audience member, rainbow, blabla, pendant of another, blabla, another ring, blabla, a fortuneteller couldn’t do it better with the cold reading which mostly seems to be at work here. (Or, of course, it was arranged.)

Another viewer onto stage together with the celebs. The objects into a bag without Jan seeing them. Blathers about happiness and what’s stored in the object. First object from the bag: A Lego Darth Vader keyring. ZOMG!!1 Music, new start, friend. Bla. Oli P., surprised, pretendedly had told that nobody. But maybe the friend (from a band that performed at the BuViSoCo) had told it. Or he read about it. (Or it’s arranged after all.)

Next object: A small angel teddy in a sleeping bag or something similar. Lorielle’s. The tears don’t make her face look prettier. And looots of boring, emotional talk. No. 3 and 4: stone with “Believe” (Vanessa) and a ring (viewer). :yawn: Time to read my tweets.

And after that some nonsense with all viewers who hold their objects in outstretched hand. Turn thoughts into color and into the obects. Open eyes. They’d see the color. Feel happiness… blaaaah. In this sense, he’s really a “bext Uri Geller”.

Geller praises him.

Geller’s bullshit

Fetch two objects – stones, salt and pepper shaker, toy bricks, whatever, all allegedly have their energy. 4½ minutes commercials. Hold the two objects (the audience participates too) with the fingertips 3-4cm apart. Then press together hard, white fingertips are good. “Positive energy everywhere” and more babble. Insults the Wright brothers and other flight pioneers – already by mentioning them. He has to play for time for the trick to work… Then his Hebrew 1,2,3, then hands in original position, and many aren’t able to – of course, the muscles have gotten used to pressing together, and because Geller doesn’t know about such things, he must speak lots of nonsense… well, he surely knows how his tricks work, that’s his shtick, of course. Verena, again in tight red, really doesn’t alleviate that.

Contestant 4: Jan Rouven

Gabel betet Löffel an But not with the messed-up trick from last week. Wants to prove the reliability of the inner voice. Takes a knife, damages a cucumber with it. Oli, too, confirms stability and sharpness of the knife and may enter the stage. His hand on the tip, close eyes, concentrate of the feeling of the knife. “Do you feel the danger?” Memorize it well! Over to the table. “Please don’t try at home!” Oh, this knife-hidden-under-paper-cylinders trick again.

Cover eyes, Oli is told to move the cylinders around (and almosr topples them) and also mentions internet videos (see e.g. this one (via gellerentlarvt) of when the trick went wrong. Jan then also moves them around – which also means he can spot the correct one easily. Oli and Jan both hold hands over the cylinders, Oli must remember the feeling. And Oli’s hand is under Jan’s when he squashes the cylinders. 3x correct, then more talk about fear and feeling before the final two. Both hands above them, raise the one he thinks the knife is under a little, and Jan pushes down the other – at any rate, he must have been very sure about the knife’s location.

Geller: convinced, “great!”

Contestant 5: Ully Loup

Again as last contestant. Like Vincent Raven last year… Commercials. Oh god, a trailer for a Galileo Mystery about telepathy. That can’t be anything good. Back to the show – “the gate to hell will remain closed today”, so he only wants to “look very carefully through a window into the darkness”. C’mon, I can do that to. It’s already dark outside.

He fetches a crystal ball from a black box. “Window to the soul”. Fear clouds it, a viewer (the one from before) already lookes quite scared when Ully stands before her. Another may feel Ully’s finger on her forehead and think about her birthday. Ully stares into the ball and names her zodiac: taurus. Then a man with a surgical job. Just the typical “warm-up” with the audience.

The 3 celebs to the stage, “I welcome you to the realm of my realities”, a slogan that might fit several mysticism dreamers, too, though they are serious about that. Vanessa gets an envelope (black, of course) between her hands and may have a look into the ball herself. She notices a feeling – passion. Olly gets the same envelope, doesn’t notice anything at first, then either Sido(?) or a skull. Then of course Lorielle. “Ball bloodshot?” Does he overlay someting into the ball with his odd finger movements? Lorielle fetches a red scarf from the envelope and may sit down on the stage whereas the others aren’t needed anymore.

“It” is told to recognize something again in the ball that Ully holds in front of her: a heart with a crying eye. “Loriele, I don’t want you to look inside my heart, please don’t.” Again. Lorielle startles when he holds the ball in front of her again and rotates it, sees herself as a little boy again. Blabla. Ully feels a kind of spiritual kinship. And he actually takes off one glove and takes her by the and before they hug. Well, his psycho routine is somewhat more intriguing when he leaves out such emotions, I think.

Geller was also touched.

The decision

First about Vincent Raven‘s health situation: He’s apparenly too ill or at least not fit quickly enough, he will not perform in this season and not defend his title.

Jan Rouven gets Geller’s immunity, enters the next round immediately. Commercials. Audience reactions: videos that don’t show anything that didn’t happen in the studio. Geller again liked everything, Lorielle liked Ully best, Oli Jan Rouven, Vanessa Waayatan.

And who must leave? Waayatan. Well, the audience will be without the inflatable tomahawks, then. And the show is over with a little overtime.


A slight increase: 1.71 millions total (5.4% market share), 1.24 m. 14-49 years (9.8%).

A slight decrease for Farid’s Street Magic: 1.27 m. (5.4%) and 1.03 m. (10.5%).

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Photos: shadowvincent/Fotolia, wilhei66/sxc, shadowvincent/Fotolia


  1. PM

    Tja, schwach wie immer. Mal sehen, ob Raven wirklich nicht mehr auftritt, vielleicht gibt es eine Wunderheilung?

    Rouven hatte Glück mit Oli P. der hat einfach gut mitgemacht und Stimmung gebracht.

    • c

      Da kann ich dir eigentlich nur zustimmen – eine Show ohne Highlight, nicht mal ein paar Teufel wurden angerufen. ;)

  2. Gut geschrieben, aber kannst du es denn besser? Verdienst du das ganze Geld oder Pro Sieben? siehste und da ist der Unterschied…du labberst nur rum und andere haben eine gute Idee die sie dann auch noch erfolgreich vermarkten können! ;) Wenn der Zuschauer auf die scheiße reinfällt ist er doch selbst dran Schuld, meinste nicht?
    Also ich find die Show ganz ok, für solchen Müll so viel Geld zuverdienen muss man erst einmal schaffen! Hut ab…

  3. S

    Ich kuck das ja auch…eher aus Spaß…aber wenn ich einen Favoriten benennen muss, dann Ully Loup :D

    • c

      Aus ernsthaften Gründen kann man das eh nicht anschauen… Und bei Loup stimme ich zu, der ist noch am Abgedrehtesten. :)

  4. A

    Please don’t forget about your English report.:)

  5. v

    wie heisst das Lied als die Rosen runterregnen bei Act 2 ?

    • c

      Weiß ich leider auch nicht – und da ich auf die Schnelle keine Aufzeichnung davon gefunden habe, kann ich auch nicht nachschauen…

  6. m

    Eines muss ich aber sagen, der Manuel war schon richtig gut. das hat man dann auch in seiner tv-show in österreich gesehen, wo er eine hauptabendsendung am freitag bekommen hatte mit mehreren ausgaben. da geht es um weit mehr als um verbogene löffel

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