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Apparently, nowadays everyone must have a blog – God has one, too! (He chose to write in German, though.) At least the god of the christians and jews, the others – with the exception of the Flying Spaghetti Monster – are not linked. But maybe that’s to come in the future…

Anyway, it’s nice to read the (funny, interesting, worth reading – if youi speak German, that is) heavenly insights from a being that doesn’t even exist. :devil:

Take a look, unless you’re humorless fundamentalists (well, maybe you should then, especially):

:bow: [no longer existing].

(found at the Prinzzess)

Blog Tips No.755

About two weeks after the beginning of the Technorati link campaign, through which I got to know many other blogs (and got a few more visitors myself), I wanted to write together a few thinks that came to my mind about blogging and blog design. I don’t claim that these are absolutely new (hence the not really serious no. 755 in the title), since there are other (and often better, more extensive ;) ) articles with blog tips elsewhere – e.g. at Daily Blog Tips, Lorelle on WordPress (both Englisch),, Software Guide, Perun (all German), to name but a few.

It’s just about my opinions(!) and experiences with things that I came across while working on my own blog and on my journey through the world of blogs (where I don’t want to insult anybody even remotely – I don’t tell any names, anyway…).


Content overview:

  1. Clean up the sidebar(s)
  2. Readability
  3. Test different browsers
  4. Test without JavaScript
  5. Link colors
  6. Don’t mix languages
  7. Don’t carry it to far

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No, Oliver from, you’re not the last one to hear about the German Blogosphäre in Icons – at most, last but one. :)

It’s a nice project, it’s just bound to become more and more confusing the more blogs participate. But you can just click somewhere at random and see what kind of blog shows up, just like you can throw a dart at a map to determine where to spend your vacation.

(No, I’m not telling you to throw a dart at the monitor.) :tongue:

Edit: I just made it so that 7 bit are sufficient – I’m number 127 in the list. :crazy: