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Now my Blog has fever…

This is about, a new (and hopefully better) German competitor to a German would-be version of BlogRush for German blogs only.

Blogfever-Screenshot Daniel from the ChaosZone informed me (and others) via comment on my post about BLOGspeed and BlogRush about a new German service for link exchange with topically related blogs (German only): – if you switch to German in my blog, you can see it in the middle of the sidebar. Daniel has beta-tested this service extensively and reports about it (German), incl. comparison with BLOGspeed.

The major advantages – might be a hint for American services, too – are that you get credits for clicks and views to have your links displayed on other blogs, that you’ll get (soon extensive) statistics and that you can set individual colors and width from the very beginning. Since the service is so new, there are hardly any blogs registered yet, especially outside the “Computer & Internet” category.

Update: I forgot to mention that you can also specify tags to facilitate better correlation of the link displaying than is possible with categories alone. And it seems to work fairly well (as far as you can tell that already). :)

Let’s see how this will develop – hopefully there will soon be other links than from ChaosZone in my widget… In a few weeks, I guess, I’ll kick the then inferior of the two (BLOGspeed and Blogfever). (Of course, with the English setting, my blog will display only BlogRush.)

Rush with speed, blogs!

screenshots of BLOGspeed and BlogRush Does automatic link exchange with other, allegedly topically related blogs really generate a noteworthy amount of traffic, i.e. new readers? Even though – or because? – these link fields don’t really match your own blog’s design?

Update: At BLOGspeed, you can now pick the colors freely, and BlogRush now offers 13 “flavors”.

Well, it’s worth a try, especially when it’s new services (which hopefully will become more configurable). So I registered with the German BLOGspeed (found at Datenschmutz) and the English BlogRush (found, among others, at Daily Blog Tips), with only the one corresponding to the currently selected language being displayed, of course – near the end of the sidebar on the right.

I picked the category “Entertainment” which seems least inappropriate for my blog “about anything”. We’ll see what kind of links will show up there… hope it’s not too much celebrity gossip.

If you want to register, too, why not do that via my referral links, so that I get a few “credits” (for more displays of own links on other blogs): :mrgreen:
for BLOGspeed (for German blogs)
für BlogRush (currently for English blogs only)
(or click the link at the bottom of the link field).

The latest headlines

lustige Zeitung

Created with the newspaper generator from (German) – main headlines and picture as well as newspaper name editable, the rest is theirs, added randomly (they also offer ID cards and coins).


Run out of ideas?

Newspaper name: Yawn
The other headlines: Nyu spallin rivorm — No power to drugs! Extraordinary tax on Smarties planned — World record in amok running! — New Pisa study: tree nursery leading — DJ Toilet Seat wins election — Pope condemns puffed rice

Several folks can not resist

…being “bribed” :wink: with 24 cans of an energy drink to place an ad banner on their blog. (In the German blogosphere.) Basically, a nice idea – since I don’t like such drinks that much myself, though, I’ll pass. (A lewd pun I wrote in German doesn’t work here.)

A question, by the way: Do you have to pay taxes for these advertising incomes? How would that work – take a few cans to your local tax officer (or your minister of finance)? :zuck: :tongue: