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What’s the use of an industry phone book…

…whose operator automatically adds private pages like those of my Abitur class ( (and seems to check only a part of the site for its description) – and then spams you with a “free route description” (and of course some adverts for more of his services)?

Especially if it’s the same company ( that last year added a private address of mine that’s been invalid for years and mixed it up with the phone number and description of some other company?


Hardly anyone reading this, hardly anything I’m writing, but some “nice” pingback spam hit last weekend… well, should it get worse (which, from what I read, it might), I’ll have to install something to handle that automatically. But for now, I’ll save my time.

(BTW the Systems 2006 has begun… why not attend hall A3, booth 565 if you’re there?)