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Somewhat unpractical…

…but it’s supposed to indicate a good cause – and of course winning chances –, this sticker from today’s “Aktion Mensch” bulk mail (a social organization with a lottery supporting handicapped people) about a special draw day at December 6.

But if I do what they say and stick it onto my calendar, it looks like this:

Aktion Mensch calendar sticker put to use

As I said, somewhat unpractical. :bigsmile:

I wouldn’t have guessed that

wrong rebus

Somehow, the solution (which was in the corner, I rotated and copied it into the picture) doesn’t match the rebus.

Translation: “Rebus for children – Solution: dragon, duck, wolf, door, snake, couch = Charlie’s Angels”

(Bäckerblume #43/2007)

PS. Halloween is over, if you still see remains in the header, just cliick Reload in your browser.

Is Microsoft living in the past?

A letter from Microsoft arrived today, kindly reminding me that my “Open License”
of Visual Studio/MSDN Professional (or whatever its current name is) will expire soon. On page 2, it says (translation and underline by me):

Upgrade assurance of the licenses: With Open Value, thanks to Software Assurance, you secure for you already today future product versions like those coming in 2006: Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft “Office 12”.
Extended Software Assurance Services: starting March 2006, you have also available…”

Maybe someone at Microsoft should occasionally read through these standard texts…

Oh, and their 01805 phone number costs no longer 12, but 14 cents – when will the first official warning letter arrive? :tongue:

Make your Q key blue!

Quelle, one of the big German mail-order companies, included in their latest ad letter two stickers for the Q key – in nice metallic blue, with a little violet touch depending on the light source (and not easy to photograph correctly):

Quelle Q sticker (1)Quelle Q sticker (2)

(Translation: “Free stickers for your world of advantages.”)

With the background that if you press the Q key on, you get a special offer page (if you’re logged in) – currently a Halloween special, a travel raffle and a few highlighted, partly reduced classes of goods.

Nice idea, but would anyone really put them on her/his keyboard? I doubt that…

(Should I ask Quelle if they have stickers for the other 104 keys? ;) At least then it would have a consistent look…)

For Internet Explorer haters…

…who can stitch well enough (not me), an IE voodoo doll would be nice:

IE voodoo doll

» Tutorial at ChiBits (many photos – including the above one)

Smilie by But watch out that you don’t prick yourself and spill more blood than what is currently was dripping from my blog header during Halloween, which looked like that:

Halloween screenshot

(via via Blogfever)