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Search Queries

So what were people searching for to reach this little blog of mine? (Note that I translated most German search words to English in this post.) Over 500 people from all over the world wanted to know something about Triple H’s quasi-latin sentenceGenibus Nitito Canus” (or parts thereof) – and found it here, and, thanks to some eager commenters, quite detailed. By the way, 7,5% of these had already corrected the most obvious mistake “canus” to “canis.”

303 people (as of Sep 12.9. noon) were looking for info about the “Kaffeefahrten” rip-off disguised as poll – 37% with various combinations of its title “EU-Staaten Mineralöl-Umfrage”, 47% only with parts of the address “Gewinnzentrale, Postfach 1129, 49430 Neuenkirchen”, and 16% combinied both. And three handfull found something about unsolicited calls and answering machine.

However, polls about usb excite only few people, as well as thunderstorm 8.6.2007 or things with unusual names such as babyface ralph belgium – wait a minute, calling a child a thing?!? :nono: ;)

By the way, a hint for translations, e.g. of it’s a gas (are gas masks really a sensation?), so square (yes, squares are really bourgeois), drip right (luckily, nothing’s dripping on the left hand side), volksfest translate: Dictionaries such as that at LEO are more useful than Google & co.

Two dozens were actually searching for dummy text parts like Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit of various lengths up to 800 characters! They only find something here because (without using quotes) the order of the words doesn’t matter and Google regards only the first 32 of them.


What? Boring? Yes, e.g. “das blonde Alien” writes terrific search comments (in German), but since I’m not using words like cock, fuck, tits in this blog, I’m only getting more “innocent” search queries that just yield less (except for cum shot which can have only come squirting by due to a spam comment that temporarily has not been treated as such); at most, something like:

do men wear thongs?

Others already know the answer: männer tragen string (=men wear thong). :mrgreen: Just wondering why they’re searching, then… I doubt, though, that men in thongs galleries, strings männer, thongs for men found here what they were looking for. Just like hotpants shorts eng (eng=tight) here.

It’s hard to tell which kind of photos the searcher had in mind with lucy lawless photos – that was, by the way, one of the very first search hits here, thanks to this dwarf planet. Several fans of the planet closest to the sun of Freddie Mercury or Montreux found something, though: in the galleries.

Well now, 13 times all the best! (thanks!) and happy new year. Erm, ain’t that a bit early? Well, 2008 calendars are in the shops for months, and some christmas pastries, too, of course. So only one thing remains:

the end

Firefox Extensions no-one needs?

Computerworld published its “Top 10 Firefox extensions to avoid” (of which published its German version, naming it “…which no-one needs”(!), which I read first) – some of the criticism, in my opinion, rather questionable, some rather okay (the list numbers link to Computerworld’s article pages):

1. Fasterfox (prefetching of linked pages): I don’t like that that much either.

2. NoScript (en-/disable JavaScript and plugins per site, additional security features):

“If you really have a need for this kind of control, then you’re already using the extension and will continue to do so. But for the average Web surfer, constantly having to whitelist sites so that scripts can execute in order to give you a fully formed Web experience gets tedious very quickly.”

The German article skips the first sentence quoted above – a major point in my criticism of them.

“Is it worth the hassle? No. […] Most typical Web surfers who install this extension remove it after the novelty wears off.”

Disagree. I wouldn’t want to miss it even if it takes 2 clicks to make some sites work.

And I’d like to know where your “statistics” are coming from…

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20 Questions

No, not this nice little “artificial intelligence” game, but a bunch of irrelevant(?) questions that have been making their way around German blogs (I assume similar stuff exists in English, too) – here my translation:

  1. Take the nearest book, open page 18 and quote line 4.
    “…to do with modern physics: the mystery that the great British physicist Sir…”
  2. Reach out with your left arm as far as possible. What do you hold in your hand?
    to front: the frames of two TFT monitors; to left: nothing :)
  3. What was the last thing you’ve seen on TV?
    Jay Leno

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Technorati ChainNet

This is a Technorati link campaign among German blogs, so, sorry, the following text is German only.

In einem verzweifelten :tongue: Versuch, Links und Leser zu bekommen, kommt mir diese aktuelle Aktion vom Infopirat grad recht: Machst du mich zu deinem Favoriten, mach ich dich zu meinem. :kissc:

Und so geht’s:

  1. Mach Infopirat und mein Blog hier zu deinem Favoriten bei Technorati – und vielleicht auch Datenschmutz , denn dort wird mehr zur Bedeutung von Technorati erklärt, und GreenSmilies , von dem diese hübschen grünen Button stammen.
  2. Schreibe einen kleinen Beitrag bei dir zum Thema Technorati-Blogkette und fordere deine Leser auf, daran teilzunehmen (und auch zu dir zu linken).
  3. Verlinke diesen meinen Artikel hier, den du gerade liest, und den von Infopirat.
  4. Ich checke bei Technorati, ob du mein Blog verlinkt hast, und füge dich dann meinen Favoriten bei Technorati hinzu – und liste dich unten in diesem Beitrag.
  5. Sollte ich dich vergessen, oder du möchtest das ganze gerne beschleunigen, schreib hier einen Kommentar und füge deinen “Add to Technorati” Link ein.

Dann mal los :aufgehts: – mal sehen, was es bringt… :angel:

Diese “FaveBacks” (und neue) kamen bisher:

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Did you notice the guy “watching” in the orange triangle in the top right corner? That’s the German minister of the interior, Mr Schäuble. (Just move your mouse over him – sorry, the appearing text is German only, but click it to get info (mostly) in English.)

With this, I’m joining currently (at least) 330 blogs and websites who demonstrate this way against ever increasing all-embracing surveillance tendencies and similar restrictions to freedom and civil rights as especially our dear minister keeps thinking of time and time again…

More about that at the German Working Group on Data Retention (in English) and other campaigns such as NoPSIS und 82 Megaohm (both German only).