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For Internet Explorer haters…

…who can stitch well enough (not me), an IE voodoo doll would be nice:

IE voodoo doll

» Tutorial at ChiBits (many photos – including the above one)

Smilie by But watch out that you don’t prick yourself and spill more blood than what is currently was dripping from my blog header during Halloween, which looked like that:

Halloween screenshot

(via via Blogfever)

Personal History

A nice little pastime from, found via at Loco Garcia – a “personality test”, kinda:

Which websites appear as first in (the history of) your browser’s address bar if you type in just one letter?

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Evolutionary Regression

That’s exactly what must be happening with creationists – because the obvious refusal to use the mind, the brain, and instead utter such bullshit (pardon, had to be said) as can be seen e.g. on (the apparently fast growing YouTube copy for Christians christian fundamentalists) cannot be an advantage for mankind.

Example: Evolution woud say that all inanimate things become life, including mousetraps becoming mice (near the end of this clip about woodpeckers).


As Ernest Hemingway said:

“All thinking men are atheists.”

Max from „Wissen belastet“, where I found this, mentions (in German) some more questionable examples and contents of, e.g. a little girl who “may” memorize a Psalm, of course with many comments on GodTube appreciating this.

A quote from Phil Plait from

“When you see that spark, that glow, that moment when a child understands what they are seeing [through a telescope], or even just the potential in their faces as they chew over the nature of reality, of the Universe… the joy that fills your heart is impossible to describe. It’s wondrous.
Creationism and fundamentalist dogma destroy that potential. It’s wrong, and it’s evil.
It’s brainwashing.”

Blooming Web Pages

At Aharef, you can have your blog or other web page displayed as often flowering graphs – already the “unfolding process” is nice to watch, and the final result for this blog (created before this post) looks like this (click the images for full size):

flower graph of

My little portal page turns into a single rose (well, assuming a sufficient amount of fantasy):

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Pixel klein ist ganz fein und jetzt mein :)

This is about a German campaign giving away 3600 pixels in a pixel artwork “For Daisy.”

For Daisy Die Glühweinjunkies verschenken in einer netten Aktion “For Daisy” insgesamt 3600 Pixel. Ich hab mir (als 455. Teilnehmer) die Nummer 127 gesichert – passt grad noch in 7 Bit, und ist dieselbe Nummer wie mein Favicon bei der “Blogosphäre in Icons.” :mrgreen:

Ob sie bald alle “loswerden”? Wollen wir’s hoffen – und herausfinden, was das Pixelkunstwerk am Ende darstellen wird…