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Public Alpha [Update]

Not that I ever were an Apple fan – and not that I thought they’d really care much about Windows – but if you look at what they released as “Public Beta” of their browser “Safari” for Windows (with several Windows-atypical peculiarities, of course), you’ll surely won’t become a fan, and you only shake your head, seeing all these display problems it has.

And not just here:

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What’s the use of an industry phone book…

…whose operator automatically adds private pages like those of my Abitur class ( (and seems to check only a part of the site for its description) – and then spams you with a “free route description” (and of course some adverts for more of his services)?

Especially if it’s the same company ( that last year added a private address of mine that’s been invalid for years and mixed it up with the phone number and description of some other company?

Hello world!

(…or the tiny fraction of it that’ll read this…)

Let’s see how this blog thing turns out… it certainly ain’t gonna be me pouring my heart out every day – or at all, for that matter. I’m not a man of many words, anyway…

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