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Neck-and-neck race?


Can you call a race whose main objective is to drop back as little as possible still a neck-and-neck race? Wouldn’t butt-to-butt race be more appropriate? ;)

For this is the case when you look at member numbers of the political parties in Germany – the SPD dropped from its top of one million in 1976 to 531,737 at the end of May and 529,994 at the end of June, the CDU from 750,000 after the wall was torn down to 531,299 at the end of May, and they now gloat about having more members than the SPD (and want to publish exact figures on Monday). Update: It’s 530,755.

And some news sites call that a neck-and-neck race…

The News

Alternative medicine does not help

Not even the finally arrested Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadžić:

“Until he was tracked down and arrested by Serbian special forces last night, Dr Karadzic was working as an alternative medicine specialist in a clinic in the suburb of New Belgrade using the false name of Dr Dragan Dabic.”
(Times Online)

Porn spammers can continue

After a court has dismissed the lawsuit by lesb–, erm, residents of Lesbos against all lesbians (that is, gay women) calling themselves lesbians, porn spammers – no matter if they spam via e-mail or blog comments – can continue their profession without fear of lawsuits from Lesbos for using this word.

None of the porn spammers could be reached for comment.

Quote of the Day (12)

„I assume that possibly there might be an acquittal.“
(My translation of) federal coach Jogi Löw in the press conference (with a certain emphasis on (what I’ve translated with) “possibly” and especially “might be”) after he was banned from the field, see e.g. Sport1, ARD, … (German)

I assume that Jogi possibly might have spent too much time in the vicinity of politicians last night if he’s using such multiple careful words… (and of course there might always be an acquittal if the law or rules allow it).