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Did you notice the guy “watching” in the orange triangle in the top right corner? That’s the German minister of the interior, Mr Schäuble. (Just move your mouse over him – sorry, the appearing text is German only, but click it to get info (mostly) in English.)

With this, I’m joining currently (at least) 330 blogs and websites who demonstrate this way against ever increasing all-embracing surveillance tendencies and similar restrictions to freedom and civil rights as especially our dear minister keeps thinking of time and time again…

More about that at the German Working Group on Data Retention (in English) and other campaigns such as NoPSIS und 82 Megaohm (both German only).

Quote of the Day


“We must check what the state can do to protect the freedom of its citizens also in the future.”
(CDU secretary general Ronald Pofalla according to the ZDF to the “Bild” about minister of the interior Schäuble’s new anti-terror plans; my translation)

Yes, he wanted to support Schäuble with this statement – wouldn’t it be better, then, to find another minister of the interior who is appearing less, well, paranoid (if you want to agree to the Linkspartei (“left party”) at least here, they don’t say much useful stuff anyway) and freedom-hostile?

Thus the actual Quote of the day:

“I used to assume it’s the minister of the interior’s job to protect the constitutional state. Now you could come to the conclusion that the constitutional state would have to be protected from the miníster of the interior.”
(Sebastian Edathy (SPD), leader of the Bundestag’s interior committee; my translation)