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Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…

John Lennon – Imagine

Lethal Numbers 2

I found via JuliaL49’s here (in German) the report of the US Congress’ Democrates – sources: BBC News and Tagesschau, also CNN – which states that the war in Iraq and Afghanistan will cost the USA from 2002 to 2008 thanks to “hidden costs” 1.6 trillion dollars – $20,900 per US family (or $5,300 per person), possibly increasing to $46,400 by 2017 (that’s $3.5 trillion total).

Numbers that make you go dizzy… it’s just not clear how fast they could withdraw in a sensible manner (assuming they want), and I agree with Julia that a fast withdrawal doesn’t seem to be an optimal solution.

They shoot with demonstrators!

As if it wasn’t bad enough what the military regime in Myanmar/Burma (now what’s the name?) is doing – and not just during the current demonstrations –, now the ZDFtext reports about shooting with demonstrators:

ZDFtext: Rangun: Sie sollen auch wieder Demonstranten geschlagen und geschossen haben. Es soll sich um Warnschüsse handeln.

Translation: “They reportedly have beaten and shot with demonstrators again. They say it was warning shots.”

They must have quite big cannons… and how does this work, a warning shot of demonstrators – are they shot only slowly or a low height so they don’t die when falling back down? :mrgreen:

Alright, it may be just a typo – one little letter in the German text so it would read “…have beaten and shot at…” :razz: Bad enough.

How silent is the Chinese Mafia

Seen earlier on frischgebloggt.de (which lists new posts from many German blogs), about a gunfight among Chinese in Neuss (German):

clipping: Tiraden in Deutschland

Headline translation: “Tirades in Germany?” (to the ENJOY blog (German) – corrected in the mean time)

Of course there are tirades in Germany! Way too many, especially from politicians! :mrgreen: I doubt, however, that the Triads are that verbose. Regardless of how much – or how little – the police knows about them (and, yes, doubting their presence in this country is quite naive).

(Please don’t be mad, Rai – I don’t mean to be evil or insulting at all when I show small writing mistakes or foreign word errors; even large newspapers find themselves e.g. on Zwiebelfisch (German).)