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BlogFever, BlogSpeed, BlogRush…

Blog link exchange syndicates are somehow “in” – to me, too, somehow :) – so a little intermediate result to these three services:

BlogRush.com is just intended for English-language blogs; I had their widget, for which you cannot configure anything but picking one of about a dozen border colors, here first at the bottom, then more to the top, when English was chosen. The operators are about to check all registered blogs according to their quality guidelines, which I think is a good idea.

Unfortunately, they deactivated mine, without telling what exactly they dislike (just sent the guideline list), so I can only speculate that maybe there was one German screen shot too many (the translation of which they missed), or whatever else. Maybe they reply to that question… and my wish to delete my account, which they forgot to offer on the Web.

Anyway, I couldn’t notice significant numbers of visitors coming via BlogRush.com.

BLOGspeed.de* (for German blogs) is somehow just dawdling around – I see only 2-3 links here, 2 of which always the same (or at least from the same blogs), plus their own, and due to the inflexible IFRAME format (which causes a lot of free space with so few links) I couldn’t move it up higher, away from the bottom of the sidebar. On the other hand, it doesn’t bother down there, so it remains active for now…

Blogfever.de* (also German only), however, does things mostly right: Extensive crediting (for views and clicks), nearly complete configurability to adapt to your own blog design (which is often recommended for Google Ads placement, too, thanks to “banner blindness” of many surfers) – and they are actively communicating with their users (e.g. on their own blog) and often listen to their wishes.

Even if their statistics are not extensive yet – what they do offer is more than found elsewhere, and they offered it faster. They also worked on the unpleasant double listing (did they?) – and they actually gave me some visitors.


For these reasons, Blogfever.de – you can see it here with German language setting between RSS/galleries and poll, by the way – my clear favorite among these syndicates, and I wish them ongoing success.

* These links contain my referrer code so that I get credits if you register through them.

Rush with speed, blogs!

screenshots of BLOGspeed and BlogRush Does automatic link exchange with other, allegedly topically related blogs really generate a noteworthy amount of traffic, i.e. new readers? Even though – or because? – these link fields don’t really match your own blog’s design?

Update: At BLOGspeed, you can now pick the colors freely, and BlogRush now offers 13 “flavors”.

Well, it’s worth a try, especially when it’s new services (which hopefully will become more configurable). So I registered with the German BLOGspeed (found at Datenschmutz) and the English BlogRush (found, among others, at Daily Blog Tips), with only the one corresponding to the currently selected language being displayed, of course – near the end of the sidebar on the right.

I picked the category “Entertainment” which seems least inappropriate for my blog “about anything”. We’ll see what kind of links will show up there… hope it’s not too much celebrity gossip.

If you want to register, too, why not do that via my referral links, so that I get a few “credits” (for more displays of own links on other blogs): :mrgreen:
for BLOGspeed (for German blogs)
für BlogRush (currently for English blogs only)
(or click the link at the bottom of the link field).

The latest headlines

lustige Zeitung

Created with the newspaper generator from Onlinewahn.de (German) – main headlines and picture as well as newspaper name editable, the rest is theirs, added randomly (they also offer ID cards and coins).


Run out of ideas?

Newspaper name: Yawn
The other headlines: Nyu spallin rivorm — No power to drugs! Extraordinary tax on Smarties planned — World record in amok running! — New Pisa study: tree nursery leading — DJ Toilet Seat wins election — Pope condemns puffed rice

Blog Tips No.755

About two weeks after the beginning of the Technorati link campaign, through which I got to know many other blogs (and got a few more visitors myself), I wanted to write together a few thinks that came to my mind about blogging and blog design. I don’t claim that these are absolutely new (hence the not really serious no. 755 in the title), since there are other (and often better, more extensive ;) ) articles with blog tips elsewhere – e.g. at Daily Blog Tips, Lorelle on WordPress (both Englisch), BlogForMoney.de, Software Guide, Perun (all German), to name but a few.

It’s just about my opinions(!) and experiences with things that I came across while working on my own blog and on my journey through the world of blogs (where I don’t want to insult anybody even remotely – I don’t tell any names, anyway…).


Content overview:

  1. Clean up the sidebar(s)
  2. Readability
  3. Test different browsers
  4. Test without JavaScript
  5. Link colors
  6. Don’t mix languages
  7. Don’t carry it to far

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