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Projekt 52 topic 8: Movement

The topic of week 8 in Sari’s photo Projekt 52:


Things like this wouldn’t work without moving:

08: Movement (1)

Topic 08: Movement

Light painting with a long lighter.

The more modern variant:

08: Movement (2)

Topic 08: Movement

Light painting with an LED flashlight.

Created with 11 mm focal length1 – my windowless (thus always darkenable) bathroom isn’t that big2 –, aperture 3.5, ISO 100 and an exposure time of 20 (top) and 10 seconds (bottom).


  1. on a crop camera – Canon 40D –, so effectively 17.6 mm []
  2. alright, I could’ve moved the little closet I used as camera stand further away, but I was too lazy for that. ;) []

Links of the Week (2009/01)

Well, everything’s German this time…

Projekt 52 week 43: The four elements

The topic of week 43 in Sari’s photo Projekt 52:

The four elements
[that’s fire, water, air and earth, and it’s up to us participants whether to take all 4 or not]

Well, I can’t match Lia’s great set of four photos… but anyway:

43: The four elements

Week 43: The four elements

I’ve picked two – and so you see a tealight in a glass of water, intentionally very dark. Though if you can see no structures in the lower half, your monitor is set up wrong. :)

Fire theater

“The history of Pfaffenhofen interpreted by pyrotechnic virtuosi” – that was the description of the fire theater by MillenniumVision last night. Even though you sometimes didn’t see much when some performers were dancing in the fireworks’ smoke in relative darkness (and photographing fireworks when standing in the crowd doesn’t yield that many noteworthy results either), but I still got a few photos for you:

Monks inflated somewhat Ku-Klux-Klan-esque white pointed hats or breathed fire…

feuertheater_perf1 feuertheater_perf2

…a lovely maiden performed a ribbon dance and a tenor sang:

feuertheater_perf3 feuertheater_perf4

In between a look at the elements around the area1 – and then on to the ignition of the town hall, luckily just a frame structure with foils and not the real one:

feuertheater_ende2 feuertheater_rat1


feuertheater_rat3 feuertheater_rat4

After small – well, actually did last some time – fireworks, the actors left the area…

feuertheater_feuerwerk feuertheater_ende1

…which wasn’t left completely withouth lights, though:



  1. from the end of the show, I just included it here because there’s space for it []