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Bitchy board

board section Didn’t imagine that a mainboard (in this case an MSI X38 Diamond and for testing a P35D3) would be so bitchy when the CPU revision (in this case a Wolfdale E0) is a bit newer than the old BIOS supports – at least it should start DOS to allow a BIOS update, but no, it’s gotta hang with full-screen logo during memory or USB initialization and ignore any keypress, except when occasionally asking whether to reset the BIOS setup, just to hang after that, or sometimes turn itself off and back on every few seconds until you unplug it, or… or… or…

So it’s remove CPU, search an older one, install, update, remove, install new one, phew, works. The first major step towards my new work PC is done…

48 Spaces

asian memory Warning: It will be a little techical here ;) – but maybe just ignore the details, you still can get what’s odd here, so in case of doubt just read the bold print…:

From the SMBios/DMI info for memory modules that are supposed to be set by the BIOS, ideally taking the info from the modules’ SPD EEPROMs:

Manufacturer: 48spaces
Part no.: 312345678901234567890123456789012345
Serial no.: 31234567

And the same for all four slot info items. How did that go, did someone say to his colleague programmer: “Nobody cares about these fields anyway, just write 48 spaces into them”?
aargh, another one of these bugs! ;)

Photo: Lev Olkha – Fotolia.com