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Music Robot

Okay, it’s apparently available for about a year, but I just read about it in the new issue of the Bild der Wissenschaft¹, and it was new to me: miuro, the iPod dock and WLAN client that can dance and follow his master!

Official site: miuro.com (Japanese)

Without further investigation: I suppose the name results from “music robot”, or rather the re-transfer of its pronunciation from Japanese to Latin letters.


Oh, and I should mention a little disadvantage: the price of about 1000 € (e.g. at arktis.de)…

¹ Strangely, they spell it “Miouru” – did they get that from a French source?


Are you desperately looking for the face of Jesus, Mary or similar on a piece of toast to make lots of money from it on eBay? Why not use some help – a toast printer!

More pictures in the article at Evil Mad ScientistMore pictures in the article at Evil Mad Scientist

(Okay, that could be fraud. So: don’t use that, or instead sell it honestly :angel: – people who’d spend lots of money on such things either have a useless oddity museum or are nuts. And you don’t have to rip them off in addition to that.) :devil:

ComputerWorld. Review has 7 pictures (no, they just stole the pictures) From Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories who have more pictures and descriptions of their device.


Update: For believers in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, they also made the matching toast (and offered it on eBay for the fun of it – sold for $26.99):

Why phryganeidolia? According to the Altavista translator, toast means “φρυγανιά” (phryganiá) in Greek, and “eidolon” = image, as in “pareidolia”, so you could call the result by that name…

(found on GameStar.de)