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Electricity tariff increase

“Appropriately” on the Blog Action Day about the environment, now also E.ON, who provide me with electricity, too (and, after all, have not raised their tariffs this year), announced increases by an average of about 10% (in Bavaria).


Well, I (and many others, I’m sure) will stress comparison sites such as Verivox now…

Maybe an eco tariff won’t be bad, there seem to be some which are relatively low. (Yes, environmental protection that costs nothing or little is still the most successful kind…)

Oans, zwoa…

In a few days, the “Volksfest” (public festival like the Oktoberfest, just much smaller) will start here in Pfaffenhofen — and the lokal savings bank uses that for advertising its “Wiesnpackage” (festival vouchers when buying certain investment products from them).

Quiz: What’s wrong here? Probably even some of my international visitors will know that…

Oans, zwoa, drei... - Sparkasse Pfaffenhofen

(Apart from the fact that “Wiesn” is quite a euphemism for Pfaffenhofen’s festival ground…)