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It’s (not) a long way from Tipperary

4×50 Euro

Requested on April 3rd (with a regular letter), e-mail confirmation of receipt on 9th – and yesterday the money arrived on my account. :D

I’m talking about the Cashback campaign by Canon – which they handle in their Promotion Centre in Tipperary (Ireland), hence the title – for my new EOS 40D camera, and given several reports by others about periods of 6-8 or more weeks, I was quite surprised, in a positive way.

(Though it can’t balance the negative surprise caused by my tax bill, which also arrived yesterday, even remotely…)

Links of the Week (2008/10)

Except for the bird dancing to “Another One Bites The Dust” video, it’s all German.

Kurz und bündig:

Now what?

There must be a better way to write payment notes (with existing direct debiting authorization!) on invoices that this:


Please always use the prepared transfer form for payment (see top left)!
Total amount will be directly debited from your account.”

Quote of the Day (6)

Read on “Cruelty’s Blog” (German) which I found via Yigg.de:

“Layer-Ads is […] just a simple layer that moves into view with a little animation.
Thus, the user is not irritated and quickly finds the Close button, if he doesn’t wish the ad.”

(Emphasis and translation mine. And dear Cruelty, I don’t want to attack you personally, I just want to tell my opinion on such ads.)

Yigg screenshot of the blog Hmm… does anyone know anyone who doesn’t mind an ad thingy of about 750×500 pixels covering the page content? (Except those making money from it, of course…) Even if it disappears after viewing and closing once for all future (what I doubt; at least, it seems to work that way temporarily), that could alienate one visitor or another – and if even the Yigg screenshot consists almost completely of an 1&1 ad, one could think: ‘Oh, that blog with that ads, no, don’t need to go there.’

By the way, Layer-Ads.de says (my translation):

“Even visitors with pop-up blockers will see a layer.
The webmaster won’t lose a single compensated visitor.”

My Firefox–Proxomitron combination worked anyway, I had to dig up the unfiltered IE to get an impression of these ads. :mrgreen:

No more lotto prognosis? [Update]

This article only deals with one specific method of pretended lotto prognoses (and more from that company). » Click here for all my articles about lotto

lotto ticket and pen - photo from lotto-bw.de The original version of this article was from October 11, but since a lot has changed, I also updated the date. I had written:

Y’know, it’s kinda funny, on Monday I publish an extensive article about the pretended lotto prognosis from globalscaling.de = raum-energie-forschung.de, and sometime in the last few days they didn’t just make their start page a little prettier (less cramped) – the lotto prognosis has disappeared from the start page and the title navigation bar!


Well, got my hopes up too soon. In the mean time, two red “News” bars were added to the homepage, one of which links to the “new” lotto prognosis homepage (which is only the already known customer area) – maybe their customers complained they didn’t find that stuff anymore…


So this no longer applies either:

Maybe they wanted to give their branch of science(?) a more respectable paintwork by painting over what must be appearing as quite dubious a stain even to relative laymen…

Update 20 Nov 07: Updated prognosis analysis.

I’ve also been informed about something else (thanks again!): A company called “GSDI Cyprus Ltd.”, apparently with the participation of or at least referrence to “Global Scaling” founder Dr. Hartmut Müller, was searching investors a few years ago for a new kind of data transmission, tempting them with high “patent yields”, what also made FINANZtest (1/2004) publish a warning (see e.g. Anlageschutzarchiv (German)).


As it seems, nothing has come of it – except for a new “technology” for data encryption for online banking called “GSPIN”, still with participation of “GSDI Cyprus Ltd.” and the “Yesilada Bank” (both in North Cyprus), though now mainly on www.morint.com instead of www.gsdi-cyprus.com, and they’d like investors now, too, of course.


You may make your own thoughts about the trustworthiness of that whole “Global Scaling” construct…