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writing mistakes

Now what was it?

Another typical 419 scam – with just enough oddities to justify my commenting it; I removed some boring parts lest you fall asleep… I underlined the most noteworthy parts.

Subject: LETTER! – Sender: Commercial Bank


>From the Desk of:
Mr. Victor Odili

I am a Manager of a bank,

Which one? Couldn’t make up your mind this time? Man, those spammers are becoming lazier all the time…

writing you in respect of a foreign customer whom made a US$25M depository for an investment program that has remained dormant for years now. On personal investigation, I discovered that the account holder died in Ukrainian aircraft crash, without making a WILL on depository. I have secured from the probate an ORDER OF MANDAMUS to locate any of deceased beneficiaries

All occupants of the car unfortunately lost their lives.

Now what – aircraft or car? :lol:

[…] I contacted you to seek your consent to present you as the next of kin to the deceased since you are a foreigner so that the proceeds of this account valued at US$25

You scumbag! You already grabbed $ 24,999,975 for yourself!

[…] If this proposal is acceptable by you, I expect that you will not take undue advantage of the trust I would bestow in you. I await your urgent response.

Thanks with great regards.

Mr. Victor Odili

Oh, a fraudster hopes not to fall victim to a fraud? Ha ha ha. Well, it’s irrelevant anyway, since the morons who seriously reply to mails like this weill never see anything of the promised millions.

A hard choice and an error

Before we start with the photos, two web finds from my Montreux trip:

train schedule bookmark


Dear customer, [male and female]
Thank you!
Your team of www.bahn.de
All information without guarantee

Note to self: There’s no use bookmarking the train schedule information that can be reached from the travel information/booking site because they produce this informative error message (with page title “error”) later on.

bahn.de Sep 2008

choose your internet access


Please make your choice:
24h unlimited access to entertainment and internet: 0 CHF
24h internet access: 0 CHF
1h internet access: 0 CHF

A hard choice for picking the internet access options in a Swiss hotel (with intenet included in the room price)… should anyone really prefer the third and default option?

Sep 2008

By the way, the hotel – the Eden Palace – also offered dozens of movies and music albums for free, accessible via the TV that was extensively equipped for such hotel use (and even greeted me by name1 when I first entered my room) – however, it was a relatively small CRT model, no flat screen.

  1. on the display only, of course []

Google knows no borders

Half the world is talking about the announcement of Google’s own browser called Chrome, and Big G presents its advantages in a long Comic, worth reading, actually. And what do my weary eyes see on page 13 when they are talking about a Danish team and display a map of Europe?

Google Chrome Comic p.13 map of Europe

Denmark as well as Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Switzerland, half of Austria, Slovenia and Hungary belong to Germany! Was there a new war or annexation I missed?

The Greek islands appear to have drowned, too, and the Black Sea seems to have dried up. Well, climate change and stuff, these things can happen.

Hope the browser got less errors… ;)