“The Next Uri Geller” show 4 (2nd season 2009) – Opinion, tricks, explanations

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Gabel betet stehenden Löffel an The fourth show is waiting (tonight 20:15), and this time ProSieben apparently didn’t publish a press release, so I could only grab some info from a few newsflashes before the show.

Today the four surviving contestants from show 2 are performing again: Manuel Horeth, Gabriel and Daniel – one wants to see with the other’s eyes –, Amila – “plays with the men” – and Waayatan – “a path full of threatening obstacles: barbed wire, board of knives, spears, scorpions and broken glass are blocking his path. But the mentalist wants to recognize and avoid them – blindfolded!”

A short news report about Vincent’s health:

Raven father Vincent Raven suffered a stroke due to an aorta fissure, had to spend one week in hospital. He’s on the mend since last weekend. Doctors call the quick recovery “a miracle”.

Miracle. Of course. Pro7 just has to mention that. Anyway: get well!

Celebrities today: Actress Eva Habermann, actor/comedian Ingo Naujoks and the next Queensberry casting band member Leonore Bartsch, or Leo for short (20), who says: “I’m a person who kinda believes in supernatural things. We’ll see if the contestants really have such a great power or if all is flimflam after all.” Well, the first sentence already indicates that she won’t look at it that objectively…

The show

English translation of my report will follow in a few days.

“The most mysterious show of Europe” welcomes us with a wooden structure which will be Waayatan’s obstacle course – do Indians fly kites? The shape looks somewhat like a kite from above… Scorpions, sharpened bamboo, cactuses and more are also ready, probably to be placed on the framework later on.

Celebrity introduction: No Naujoks, Sky du Mont is the man between the two ladies. Eva is all convinced by that Hamlet quote and the using-10%-of-our-brains-stuff, Sky’s mother believed in astrologers and fortunetellers.

Contestant 1: Waayatan

The danger Indian starts the show – guess they have to remove the “path of the warrior” to make room for the others. All three celebs needed. Waaya holds a section of a blindfold before Sky’s eyes so he can confirm you can’t see through, then lets Sky blindfold him with another section that appears different and somewhat translucent – and stands aside to “concentrate” while host Stefan tells the others to put the dangerous obstacles on the wooden bars (not on the crossings). By the way, they’re about 1m above the floor.

Nail board, scorpion terrarium, tomahawks, barbed wire, wooden spears, arrows, knives, cactuses; the front part of the course has glass sherds on the pillars and removable boards in between which they use to create “gorges”. At the end he must jump left or right – either on a cardboard box or on pointed bamboo that’s placed on one side only now. So far the “chronicler’s duty”-like description of the whole thing… “Don’t try at home!” Aww, what a pity, I had planned to prepare the collar beams of my roof-top apartment accordingly. (On the other hand, why care about what Pro7 says?)

Waayatan stalks successfully over the boards, of course, garnished with “spiritually feeling” hand movements. He also steps through the terrarium with some lethargic scorpios (enough space for his feet) and on the glass sherds (had no other option for the “gorges”) – the pressure distribution prevents serious injuries, simple physics… And at the end a not overly elegant backdrop on the cardboard box.

Geller says: “incredible mental control”, “stronger presence on stage”, “great”.

News on Vincent Raven

verbogen He’s not in the show, of course, but recorded a video greeting – illness details see above. He says he mostly healed himself in the first 3 days in his dreams with the help of his ravns. At least he also thanks the doctors.

And Geller announces a “live experiment” in which he wants to “override the laws of physics” – with a compass! Like in that ancient trick of his with a magnet on a thumb or similar? :lol: At home, you wouldn’t need a compass. But first:

Contestant 2: Daniel and Gabriel

Sky du Mont must examine a board and 5 thick pens if they’re okay. And the ears of the receiver (who has longer hair) for earphones. Eva must pick one of 5 given symbols on another board far away and paint it (robot head, erm, circle), the sender (Daniel or Gabriel, whoever) moves along with his hand in large movements, the receiver paints it correctly on his board. Another level of difficulty with a color of Leo’s choosing – this time a triangle standing on one corner in red. The sender first makes gestures above the pen, and after the receiver picked the correct pen in the second attempt also over the symbol as before-

Zev, erm, Eva is to imagine herself inside a gallery, red curtain, picture in golden frame made of simple elements. Paint: Frame, sun with rays, cloud with raindrops, bent Ms as birds, rainbow, all in orange. “Don’t laugh”, she says… The way the sender now wobbles over the lines, this could easily be a direct radio transmission to the receiver who feels it somewhere (on his body under the vest, sole of his foot, wherever) – the birds, at any rate, were turned into misplaced Vs, the rest was matching quite well.

Geller: phantastic etc.

Geller’s trickery

Gabel betet Löffel an Those who got no compass at home, take a pencil or knitting needle, paper, bowl of water; and put a spoon on the TV. :roll: Commercials. Gödde says, smirking, “”The stage is yours” to Uri, who now babbles about mental energies and examinations the American military once did on him.

Needle on water, paper slightly folded on pencil top, spoon on TV; Uri takes off his jacket in order toshow he got nothing hidden. But he keeps on his pants. The audience is coerced to hold hands and make a chain, the compass moves a little – but you only see it from above, closely, sometimes with Geller’s fist. Somewhere there will have been a magnet, just not necessarily on his thum. And “maybe something completely different happens at home” – flickering lightbulbs and more – which in turn is to and will be misinterpreted by the believers as Geller’s influence. Verena with the numbers, unfortunately nt her own.

Contestant 3: Manuel Horeth

The memory manipulator walks in front of a few audience members for preparation, picks one in row 1 which simply caaaaannot be arranged. Insists after closed eyes and waving about to see 4 instead of 3 outstretched fingers. Waving about also to pick the celeb: Leo. Told to relax. Manuel got an orchid book from which Leo is to pick a photo (by saying “stop” when Manuel thumbs through). Leo is to imagine the (assumed) flower on a walk in the forest. Concentrate, look in the eyes, etc. Scent. Plant at home? No. Blabla. More Blabla. Leo then tells of another image, a Ferrari, who Manuel, according to the trick, is said to have manipulated into her thoughts. :yawn:

Sounds to me simply like prearrangement. Or he flipped the page quickly before he held the yellow orchid in the camera (it could be seen that he closed it with his finger inside, but before that, the selected page was never shown on camera) and in the later removed the photo from the book (or swapped the book entirely).

Geller is fascinated. And fears that Manuel put that in his mind.

Contestant 4: Amila

The magic seduction in an interesting black mini dress (corset above, rags below), doesn’t like lies from men. Sky’s time, of course. She walks around him in a pseudo-seductive way, takes her “ring of truth” from her finger. Lie or truth, left or right, something like that. Behind his back he is to put it in one hand, both stretch out their fists, eye contact, Amila gets closer (between his fists – sensor in her ear?) – the camera could show more than just her head… She then knows in which hand the ring is. And again, :yawn: Where’s the water tank?

Amila fetches a man from the audience in order to reduce the chances of finding the ring by chance. Again the long fooling around with the arms and slight touching of the fist (the gellerentlarvt blog instead speculates about how the fist is held and muscle tension) and the moving between the fists – between the two men, to be exact. And she knows that the ring isn’t in the outside fists – so he signal may have been not close enough. Dunno what that got to do with lies, but anyway. Where’s the water tank??

Geller “got to know a new Amila”, “sensual and sexual”. Great and stuff.

The decision

Another unimportant little story from Eva, another 40 second commercial, then Manuel Horeth goes directly to the next round by Geller’s decision. For the others: phone in. And commercials again. Back: Phone numbers again, that is we get to see audience reactions first: Physics students in Budapest talk about superhuman powers, warm spoons and the like – now what does this tell us about the Hungarian education system…?1 Well, a guy from Frankfurt tops that off. Two little movies: A blurred jiggling compass, a spoon falling from TV – well, simply can move slowly and shake and fall due to vibration (and warmth?).

The girls are fascinated by the “inexplicability” of the performances, Eva liked Manuel best. And His Divine Shadow, pardon, Uri was enthused this time too and is looking forward to the next show in which all 6 remaining contestants will compete.

Now the actual decision: Waayatan made it, cheers from fans with inflatable tomahawks; Daniel and Gabriel are in the next round, too, Amila is out. After that simple trick today, the sex appeal bonus apparently wasn’t enough…

…and thus the show ends exactly on time at 22:04 (EPG time; in the magazines was 22:15 as always). Well, it wasn’t the best show.

The ratings

…are getting worse again: 1.69 million total (5.2% market share), 1.08 million (8.2%) aged 14-49.

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  1. Of course also Hungarian students may make a joke sometimes… []


  1. HK

    Nur zum Nachdenken, Herr Atheist:

    Stgb: §166

    (1) Wer öffentlich oder durch Verbreiten von Schriften (§ 11 Abs. 3) den Inhalt des religiösen oder weltanschaulichen Bekenntnisses anderer in einer Weise beschimpft, die geeignet ist, den öffentlichen Frieden zu stören, wird mit Freiheitsstrafe bis zu drei Jahren oder mit Geldstrafe bestraft.

    (2) Ebenso wird bestraft, wer öffentlich oder durch Verbreiten von Schriften (§ 11 Abs. 3) eine im Inland bestehende Kirche oder andere Religionsgesellschaft oder Weltanschauungsvereinigung, ihre Einrichtungen oder Gebräuche in einer Weise beschimpft, die geeignet ist, den öffentlichen Frieden zu stören.

    bayrische Verfassung:Artikel 131.
    (2) Oberste Bildungsziele sind Ehrfurcht vor Gott, Achtung vor religiöser Überzeugung und vor der Würde des Menschen, Selbstbeherrschung, Verantwortungsgefühl und Verantwortungsfreudigkeit, Hilfsbereitschaft, Aufgeschlossenheit für alles Wahre, Gute und Schöne.

    • c

      Und was hat das mit Uri Geller zu tun? Kommentiere bitte dort, wo’s hingehört, wenn du es schaffst, mehr als nur Glaubensbücher zu lesen und Gesetzestexte zu kopieren, nämlich in diesem separaten Beitrag, den ich extra für deine Diskussion angelegt habe:


      Dort findest du auch meine Antwort.

      • S

        Vielleicht glaubt (sic!) er ja, deine süffisante Geller-Kritik störe den öffentlichen Frieden. Oder er stört sich daran, dass du den schönen Brauch des Löffelbiegens beschimpfst. Oder er hält Uri Geller für Gott.

        Wir sollten die richtige Antwort sofort auspendeln! ;-)

    • L

      was hast du denn genommen??!

    • c

      @Stefan: Pendeln bringt hier nichts, damit fänden wir nur eine numerierte Streichholzschachtel (wie in der letzten Geller-Sendung), und was sollten wir hier damit? :)

      Er hat wohl keine rechte Ahnung, wie Blogs funktionieren – oder will sich nicht daran halten, weil er sowas nicht nötig zu haben glaubt…

      @Lennart: Wohl einen Schuss zuviel Gebet und pseudowissenschaftliche Gottesbeweise. ;)

    • dS

      Sind Fernsehshows eine Weltanschauung oder eine eigenen Religion? Ich hab das jetzt nicht so ganz verstanden.

      Und wie du schon selber sagtest…”nur zum nachdenken”….

      Offensichtlich ist der Geschlossenen Anstalt wo du gerade einsitzt, ein Fehler unterlaufen und sie haben dir fälschlicherweise Zugang zum Internet gestattet.
      Oder bist du etwa auf der Flucht? Dann melde dich doch bei der nächsten Polizeidienststelle deines Vertrauens…die geben dir dann gerne eine “ich hab mich lieb” Jacke und bringen dich zurück in deine niedliche Gummizelle. :twisted: :evil: :twisted: :evil:

      Magie gabs nur früher, wurde in der Neuzeit aber, wegen zunehmender Intelligenz der Menschheit, durch Wissenschaft ersetzt. Sorry.

      • c

        Hans-Kilian hatte zuerst auf einer anderen unpassenden Seite kommentiert und dann, als dieser Geller-Show-Bericht der aktuellste Beitrag hier war, eben hier weiter gemacht, weil er offenbar keine Lust hat, sich an die Blog-Struktur hier zu halten. Seine Angst um seine Religion hat also nichts mit der Geller-Show zu tun.

  2. S

    Nur zum Auswendiglernen, Hans-Kilian:

    Grundgesetz für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Artikel 5:

    (1) Jeder hat das Recht, seine Meinung in Wort, Schrift und Bild frei zu äußern und zu verbreiten und sich aus allgemein zugänglichen Quellen ungehindert zu unterrichten. Die Pressefreiheit und die Freiheit der Berichterstattung durch Rundfunk und Film werden gewährleistet. Eine Zensur findet nicht statt.

  3. c

    Wie gesagt:

    Weitere Kommentare zu dieser Gottesdiskussion bitte nicht hier, sondern
    » dort im separaten Beitrag!

  4. A

    Where is the English report? Waiting impatiently.:)

    • c

      Well, I preferred to watch my new Doctor Who DVDs and write the house number numerology satire last evening over translating. :) So maybe tonight…

  5. os

    Glad I found your blog. I’ve found a few good tips on your site. I’ll be a regular visitor from now!

    • c

      If that were true, you wouldn’t have tried to spam for your Law-of-Attraction bullshit abusing Obama’s name here – especially here…

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