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No Opening Band, Start 19:00

And what did start last night in Munich’s Olympic Stadium? SEVENTY-FIVE MINUTES OF MUSIC VIDEOS AND COMMERCIALS! :sad: Outrageous! :evil: (Volvo will rather have achieved the opposite effect with about a dozen commercials…)

If the organizer requires commercials to co-finance big concerts, then okay, show it at 20:00 and set 20:00 as starting time, and don’t annoy the paying waiting audience with numerous music videos. And all that in part in pouring rain. (Okay, that’s not the organizer’s fault.)

Alright, let’s get to the positive part that this post is rather about: the Genesis concert.

And that was really great! :smile: :lol:

The rain had stopped,good mood also on stage, :) good music and musicians, :) great show with great lighting (especially when it had become darker) – yes, also these old boys still rock!

(Was that a too excessive use of smilies?)

Die Gesellschaft des schwarzen Etiketts

…that’d be a German translation of “Black Label Society”, the opening band for Ozzy Osbourne yesterday. And also this hard of hearing guy – “I can’t fucking hear you!” ;) – in his late fifties can do a great concert! It was just relatively short – he seemed to have had a comparatively bad day, an “Ozzy expert” next to me said. Others, however, have a different opinion about his mood… Which doesn’t change anything about how good it was! :)

Apropos opening band: There’s something strange about the starting time. At Meat Loaf Sunday before last, the official start was at 20:00 (8 p.m.), but at 19:30 entered Marion Raven as “opening duo” (i.e. with one other musician) with guitars and keyboard for about 25 minutes, and since there was no reconstruction necessary, everyone thought Meat would start punctually at 8 – wrong, he waited until 20:30 (and stayed until 23:02).

Yesterday, however – official start was also 20:00 – the openers came at 19:50 and rocked until 20:40, and after reconstruction and sound check, Ozzy entered the stage after a lament of Beuern intro at exactly 21:00. (And, as indicated, just until ca. 22:35.)

Now what does that tell us about the meaning of starting times…?

Montreux Photos

I’ve just uploaded my 51 photos from the 4th Freddie Mercury Montreux Memorial Day (official site), so head over to the gallery!

(Click on the thumbnails for a view in a width of 520 pixels with comments and previous/next buttons; click that image for full 1600×1200 resolution.)

Photos from 2004 are also available.

(Edit June 27, 2007: The galleries now use the myGallery plugin (better integrated into the blog structure), and no longer the old, rather separate software.)