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What to do with all the millions?

money suitcase Well, one keeps receiving lottery winnings from Europe and money transfer provisions from African millionaire heirs or lonely bank accounts all the time, but how to spend all the hundreds of thousands or even millions? The spammers didn’t have an answer to that question yet: No-one can take that many cheap pills to reach noticible sums, and no-one has enough space for shoe-cleaning machines or flagoples at 55% discount either.

But here’s the solution: A luxury villa in Marbella for only 890,000€, allegedly 50% below market value and for a limited time only, according to the phone number via a British estate agent – offered by spam! Your own fault if you don’t buy it, isn’t it?

I should send them the lottery notifications or transfer options, that should suffice for payment…

Photo: mikecco/sxc