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Links of the Week (2009/03)

Links of the Week (2009/01)

Well, everything’s German this time…

Die besten Filme

A German blog carnival about my top 10 movies…

Filmspule Eine Blog-Parade von David, die etwas Nachdenken erforderte: Die persönlichen 10 besten Filme aller Zeiten. Nun denn, hier sind meine (in chronologischer Reihenfolge), kurz und knapp:

Gleich drei mit Queen-Bezug… :)

Foto: Bubbels/sxc

  1. pardon: Der Terminator, David will ja der Listenerstellung wegen die deutschen Titel. ;) []

Yippee-ki-yay, Santa Claus!

Which Christmas type am I? The (German) test I found on the FamLog says:

Zum Weihnachts-Test bei der Film-Community moviepilotZu moviepilot - Gute Filme für Kino, DVD & TV

I am John McClane from “Die hard”.
I love family Christmas and wipe out everything that gets in my way. I fight to the blood for the last Barbie doll for my daughter, and hunt the Christmas goose with the bazooka. Christmas never gets boring with me! (And who are you?)

Surprisingly, the “Die hard” movies are not shown on TV during Christmas this year1 – now what happened there??

  1. except for part 4 on pay TV []