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Mix-up (2)

A local computer and telecommunications service company must have been a little confused to have flyers distributed this morning or last night advertising “Offer of the Month October 2007” and “Our highlights in October 2007″…


My experiences with Amazon have been – and still are – positive regarding reliability, delivery time etc. It’s just that the estimated delivery dates can be amusing sometimes (you might think otherwise, but at least it gave me something to write about :P ):

On Tuesday at 11:39, I ordered a book and a CD (and specified complete delivery for saving p&p), and they specified 1 Nov as dispatch estimate.

Already at 14:47, the dispatch mail for the book arrived, delivery estimate Thu 1 Nov (which, however, is a public holiday in my federal state). At 20:16, the dispatch mail for the CD came and specified a very optimistic delivery estimate of Wed 31 Oct.

When did they arrive? Of course, the book came “too early” on Wednesdey, but the CD not until today… :)

By the way, they came from the same city but with different postcodes – seems they have separate storage/shipping facilities for different types of goods.

Help, the monster is loose!

Aaaahh! A few days ago, it appeared for the first time, this *gulp* horrid monster with its glowing eyes and the *shiver* terrible mouth! And almost every evening it briefly looks around. It will surely catch me on Halloween! *shriek*

Look at this sh- shocking photo:

Monster at night


These eyes… and that mouth… *whimper*
My worst nightmares…

It looks – I don’t dare to say it – it looks like… like…

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The devil wears kinky diapers

excerpt from Codex Gigas

At least that’s how it looks on this picture from the Codex Gigas, the “Devil’s Bible”, one of the largest medieval manuscripts from the 13th century, according to legend written by a monk who wanted to evade being walled up alive – in one night, with the help of the devil, “of course”…

This giant book (90x50x22cm) will be shown from today until early January in the Prague Klementinum.

At the National Library of Sweden, where it is normally stored, you can browse through the entire book in high resolution (that’s also where I got the image whose detail is shown above).