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These Damn Atheists!

betend These atheists are responsible for all bad things!

But thank God there are Christian church leaders such as the bishop of Augsburg and German military bishop, Walter Mixa! (German)

They stand against child abuse by some glergymen (as soon as the media reported about it, the preferred sweeping under the rug would be too bad then), especially Mixa blesses the weapons of the soldiers to stimulate peace (or for whatever reason) and, to name just a few things, he honors the victims and those persecuted by the Nazis.

Erm, he dishonors them by, for instance, comparing their number with the number of abortions (German) or currently by naming the Christians, of all groups, as “especially persecuted”, and he blames “practiced atheism” in his Easter sermon (German) just like that as cause for “the godless regimes of Nazism and Communism with their punishment camps, their secret police and their mass murders”. As if the one – atheism – had anything to do with or even caused the other – mass murders etc. – with the same “arguments” and the same right, you could blame Christian faith just the same (and just as wrongly) for mass murders.

“Without Christian faith, there would be no lasting true humanity”? “Who takes the faith in god from the people robs them of life’s most important thing”? Dear Mr Mixa, if your faith with its hope for a heavenly afterlife is more important to you than the life and needs of the people themselves and the much cited (allegedly Christian) charity, then it’s no miracle to me when you’re yapping in a manner suo sky-high detached from reality and human nature and reason.

Not least such a nonsense seems to be an important reason to me why many atheists don’t want to keep hiding away but rather start bus campaigns, for instance:
Quite understandable that the shepherds now fear that more and more especially of that part of their sheep that were not so strongly attached in the first place are using their mind and leaving now…

Speaking of detached from reality: That’s a domain of the boss shepherd in Rome, too, of course, who in his Easter message (German) calls the resurrection a “historic reality”. Dear Mr Ratzinger, reality is not created by as many people as possible believing in something, but reality instead is what is. That which you can examine and verify as objectively as possible. That which bears up against rational and critical thinking. That which is left when you remove individual, subjective beliefs.

And under these considerations, your belief in resurrection is exactly what you claim it not to be in your Easter message: a myth, a dream, a fairy tale. Just one that’s sometimes extremely vehemently propagated.

Photo: criswatk/sxc

  1. quote from Michael Ley, “Apokalyptische Bewegungen in der Moderne” (1997) acording to Michael Schmidt-Salomon’s “Anmerkungen zur Kriminalgeschichte des Atheismus” – like all other quotes here in my translation []

An alien on the lap!

Paging unsuspectingly through the latest issue of bild der wissenschaft (German popular science magazine), what did my eyes see in an article on astronomy history: Galileo has drawn an alien on the lap of a man (with face mask?) – on the moon! Don’t believe it? See yourself – on the left the original drawing (from Wikipedia)1, on the right with colors so you can see it more clearly:

galileo-moon galileo-moon-color

Or what are you seeing?


( :loll: Yes, of course that’s only a joke! — See “pareidolia”.)

  1. the one on the lower left corner, rotated by 180° as in the bdw []

Projekt 52 topic 3: Lifeless

The topic of week 3 in Sari’s photo Projekt 52:


I could have done it the easy way and re-post last week’s cemetary gate photo, but I thought I could do a liiiittle more… So while I was thinking what to show, PictureArtist’s animal skull photo gave me this idea:

03: Lifeless

Topic 03: Lifeless

A little fossil fish, about 7 centimeters long – can’t tell how old, I got that little slate since I was a child, and any info that may have accompanied it is lost… can anyone tell more about the fossil?

Color contrast has been increased quite a lot here, originaly the slate is a pale ochre color; otherwise you wouldn’t see half as many details.

Lifeless – but still, fossils can tell us a lot…