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“im Lauren from us”

Whether it’s “Helen” in May (displayed striked-out here) or “Lauren” now (underlined) – in reality it’s just dating and advanced-fee fraud:

You can see more my photo’s im Lauren from us

Hallo, my name’s Helen Lauren

Im 28, 29, now i live in Ashville NC, USA.
I am woman who’s looking to meet some new people and friends.
You can see more my photo’s and about me
at my Website Home Page: http://[…].110mb.com

if you wanna chat plz send me letter.

my personal e-mail: kurey.helen@gmail.com sunny.lauren78@gmail.com

i’ll be wait 4 your letter with a great impatience :-) :-) :-)

p.s Du darfst mir auf dem Deutschen schreiben.
Ich verstehe ein wenig Deutsche die sprache.

(The last two lines in wrong German re-translate to “You may write to me on the German. I understand a little Germans the language.”)

So we see: Got one year older, changed the name and removed the link to a free-hosted website. Also included a cheap black-and-white photo instead of an überkitschy color photo. The rest is the same.

:arrow: Don’t reply, they’re only criminals.

Fooling around

For starters, there’s the statistics function of the new Akismet1 version – others already reported abot it, showing quite different graphs –, which gives this image for my blog (as of this morning):


Secondly, here’s the “DNA” of my blog, or rather its HTML structure displayed like DNA profiles, seen at Knut, Thomas and Hans, created with Web2DNA:


And number 3: With the new version of the Glühweinjunkies’ Search Phrases plugin that stores the target post along with the search phrase I added this function for the curious among you to the “fine print” below each post – with a link to unfold it, in order to save space. It’s only present when there actually are search queries, though, so you won’t see it at every post. If you’d like an example: one of my “lotto prediction” posts.

  1. the plugin agains comment spam that probaly every WordPress user knows []

Now what was it?

Another typical 419 scam – with just enough oddities to justify my commenting it; I removed some boring parts lest you fall asleep… I underlined the most noteworthy parts.

Subject: LETTER! – Sender: Commercial Bank


>From the Desk of:
Mr. Victor Odili

I am a Manager of a bank,

Which one? Couldn’t make up your mind this time? Man, those spammers are becoming lazier all the time…

writing you in respect of a foreign customer whom made a US$25M depository for an investment program that has remained dormant for years now. On personal investigation, I discovered that the account holder died in Ukrainian aircraft crash, without making a WILL on depository. I have secured from the probate an ORDER OF MANDAMUS to locate any of deceased beneficiaries

All occupants of the car unfortunately lost their lives.

Now what – aircraft or car? :lol:

[…] I contacted you to seek your consent to present you as the next of kin to the deceased since you are a foreigner so that the proceeds of this account valued at US$25

You scumbag! You already grabbed $ 24,999,975 for yourself!

[…] If this proposal is acceptable by you, I expect that you will not take undue advantage of the trust I would bestow in you. I await your urgent response.

Thanks with great regards.

Mr. Victor Odili

Oh, a fraudster hopes not to fall victim to a fraud? Ha ha ha. Well, it’s irrelevant anyway, since the morons who seriously reply to mails like this weill never see anything of the promised millions.