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An alien on the lap!

Paging unsuspectingly through the latest issue of bild der wissenschaft (German popular science magazine), what did my eyes see in an article on astronomy history: Galileo has drawn an alien on the lap of a man (with face mask?) – on the moon! Don’t believe it? See yourself – on the left the original drawing (from Wikipedia)1, on the right with colors so you can see it more clearly:

galileo-moon galileo-moon-color

Or what are you seeing?


( :loll: Yes, of course that’s only a joke! — See “pareidolia”.)

  1. the one on the lower left corner, rotated by 180° as in the bdw []

Links (and Videos) of the Week (2009/02)

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“Uri Geller live – Ufos & Aliens” – Report, opinion…

…criticism, grumbling, call it what you want. At any rate, here I’m writing about today’s show “Uri Geller live – Ufos & Aliens – Das unglaubliche Live-Experiment” (“The incredible live experiment”) on ProSieben (Germany).

You can even have your own message sent into space – but if you’re hoping for a real reply, you’re hoping in vain, the distances are just too long, and if there actually are intelligent beings “out there”, they’d have to understand the messages in the first place. No matter how pretentious the chief spoon fiddler’s talk is (my translation):

“Anything can happen”, Uri Geller says. He, too, has a personal message for the aliens: “We open our hearts and out thoughts for you. We strongly believe that you are somewhere out there. Please show yourselves in the night of November 15. The people will look out their windows and wait for your signal.”

Be careful, Uri, when the people look out the windows, they miss the commercials, and ProSieben won’t like that!


  • Mysticism eccentric Nina Hagen – present despite her recent virus illnes.
  • Ancient astronaut dreamer Erich von Däniken.
  • “The Next Uri Geller” (Germany) winner Vincent Raven.
  • “A man and a woman who, according to their own statement, first met in a spaceship. Today they are a couple and will be asked about their experiences with aliens during the show under hypnosis.” Oh dear.
  • By telephone from the USA: Edgar Mitchell – Apollo 14 astronaut and ufo believer. Note that the former is no basis of a higher credibility of the latter.
  • Host will be the same as for “The Next Uri Geller”: Stefan Gödde.

What did ali comment at Florian’s live blogging (German) who’d also have liked to read along (translated):

But I’m already appointed for a fondue. Lots of cheese, too, but better.

Well then bon appetit – which I also wish my readers with this nice mess. After commercials with aliens in them in talk talk talk for accomodation, they’re starting overly punctual with Gödde’s and Geller’s prerecorded introduction and the Ukrainian radiotelescope, Geller promises that some of us will receive a reply, and the raven guy will take care of the soul contact – but somehow I’m missing the warning message “Don’t try this at home!” from the magic show…

A pale head with alien face tattoo on its back was briefly seen, then Gödde alredy starts with a lie by saying there will be messages sent into space for the first time – more respectable people have done so already via radio and space probes as well as more or less intentional all radio and TV stations for a long time.

But first a little film as introduction with some “c-lebrities” and Geller himself saying a few sentences. Geller says we’d deserve a true answer. From him? Impossible. Impossible in a different sense, too, the amount of applause he gets when entering the stage and reporting about his large ball of light as a child. The biggest experiment of his life is what is supposed to happen tonight – I rather think that was the test whether his cheap spoon trick would bring him success back then – and us viewers are to get pen and paper ready.

Switch to the Deep Space Center in Evpatoria/Ukraine, brief introduction of the radiotelescope – no money left for 16:9 in the recording, apparently, the presenter colleague Daniel Aminati looked quite fat. Direction of the ‘scope will be the star Hip 4872, 310 trillion kilometers away from us (32.8 lightyears, in the area of the Cassiopeia constellation). And the speed of light is “absolute madness” for him.

Ufo films

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Links of the Week (2008/42)