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Alternative medicine does not help

Not even the finally arrested Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadžić:

“Until he was tracked down and arrested by Serbian special forces last night, Dr Karadzic was working as an alternative medicine specialist in a clinic in the suburb of New Belgrade using the false name of Dr Dragan Dabic.”
(Times Online)

Porn spammers can continue

After a court has dismissed the lawsuit by lesb–, erm, residents of Lesbos against all lesbians (that is, gay women) calling themselves lesbians, porn spammers – no matter if they spam via e-mail or blog comments – can continue their profession without fear of lawsuits from Lesbos for using this word.

None of the porn spammers could be reached for comment.

A little plea to the ball

woman with red soccer ball

You tough sweetie pie you!
Ball, my serious quest.
When jesting in lonely night!
Kick – yes live it!
By Babylon’s towers!
Footballer you.
Absurd in all worlds.
Ball between distress and swearing.
Footballer oh so deflowered.


Yes, I had no better idea for a post today, so another poem created with the German poem generator Poetron, and I even translated it! (Really quite verbatim, actually.) And I hope you like the photo (by Lev Dolgatshjov – Fotolia.com).

Links of the Week (2008/03)

Short and sweet:

Playing lotto without panties – the statistics

Lotto ticket and thong Now that the jackpot has been hit: Some little search and visitor statictics of the past two weeks (search queries (which I’ve translated) have a grey background (usually not in the feed readers)):

Which lotto numbers could I play?

All possible lottonumbers! Free choice, just pick six of the 49 boxes. But can the lotto number ability? Maybe. What wanted?

Can someone predict lotto numbers? Oh, I see. No! And over 1000 people wanted to know about that until Tuesday afternoon, before 1blu struck, and from noon Wednesday, when things were starting back up again, plus 150 interested about statistics and 80 looking for the “best” numbers, and the line between that and prediction dreams are certainly blurred. (Plus those that the analysis didn’t catch. And without 1blu’s foulness at the domain move, there would have been an estimated 400-600 more.)

But it’s impossible, neither lotto number astrology (by the way: abolish astrology/span> – I’m all for it) nor lotto number numerology (what is numerology? balderdash!) nor the useless global scaling/hartmut müller lotto prognoses help, just as lotto numbers from god or lotto numbers god would play won’t help, since he doesn’t interfere with gambling (German). ;)

The distance between the lotto balls, by the way, is often 0 in the drawing machine, since they are touching each other in there.

Lotto numbers what to do with all that money? With these little chances, I wouldn’t stress my brain with these thoughts too much, for in the end, it’s often enough like this: have 2 numbers plus additional number – and you won’t get anything for that.

The pantiless Christina Aguilera

…was, of course, another hot topic (about 1300x searchers (only?) according to analysis; not in Google’s index for some time) – some weren’t even able to spell it correctly due to their horny excitement:
aaguilera, agilera, agiliera, aguielera, aguiera, aguilaera, aguiler, aguileira, aguillera, aquilera, chistina, christine, kristina; wthout, withou panties, without pantanties.

The result of the search for Christina Aguilera anti web sites might also be interesting…

But pantilessness is en vogue elsewhere, too:

Birthday without panties and without panties on the Oktoberfest goes without saying, and, erm, Waltraud without panties – not you too, mother?? :) It gets really interesting with outdoors without panties and completely without panties, just be careful with without panties in winter, lest icicles form. Also valid with underwear if your answer to the question can men wear women’s thongs is Yes, and then the space is too small…

That’s almost all for this time. An important hint at the end: Don’t go looking for a toilet on the internet, that won’t help!

PS: Of age and interested in how the photo above came into being? :eyebrow:

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