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All your days are belong to us!

I Own Number146097MillionNumbers.com

The number of days in one 400-year cycle of the Gregorian calendar. Fittingy, since my family name Grögel apparently comes from these pope names (though probably not specifically from this Gregory).

Since the number belongs to me now, I’ll ask demand license payments from everyone who manufactures or uses calendars! In the next days, I’ll work out exact price lists, set up ways of payment, and – expecting many to refuse payment – hire multitudes of lawyers to write expensive warning letters, especially those who have gathered experience in the field of various mass warning letters. *

(via Prinzzess’ quick number)

* Which would have the pleasant side effect to keep them busy with something more sensible. :bigsmile:

Links of the Week – Special Edition (2008/04)

Jahr der Mathematik (Logo) To the Year of Mathematics (all in German):

Other links of the week:

  • How evolution really works – an informative 10-minute video (via BA).
  • A somewhat inappropriate Jesus-shaped lightswitch.
  • A somewhat inappropriate reaction of a church to Heath Ledger’s death.
  • Duden language counseling: The current questions – the right answers (German).
  • The LOLinator – turn your blog into a cat blog!example for my blog (via Wissen belastet). :)
  • Kissing → Fucking in 2h 17min. :)

Links of the Week (2008/01)

Short (more or less) and sweet:

And I’d like to remind you of my blog carnival “Music of the Year 2007”, a little over 9 days left to participate – for anyone worldwide. :mrgreen:

Fractal thongs are a biohazard

At least, somehow “G-string/thong” and “biohazard warning sign” crossed my mind when I looked at the fractal title of the latest edition (1/08) of the magazine Spektrum der Wissenschaft (German edition of Scientific American)…:

SdW 01/2008 title

The magazine itself – which I’ve been reading for many years now – is, of course, more serious and respectable and much less crazy than my thoughts sometimes are. And more worth reading. ;)