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Searching for lotto

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Schornsteinfeger Welcome to a special edition of “replying” to search queries about lotto and nonsense… I’m here to tell you the truth ..no matter how bad it is!

For those who don’t know yet: These search phrases, highlighted in grey, led people here, and I neither shortened nor extended them nor made them up, I just translated the German ones.

ritual predicting lotto numbers
Yeah, you could call it a ritual that hundreds of people search for lotto predictions when the jackpot gets high…

give me luck for tomorrow lotto numbers 6/49
Won’t help you, that doesn’t influence the drawing.

can someone tell me the correct lotto numbers — 3 minutes later:
can someone tell me the correct lotto numbers yes
No problem – anyone can do that after the drawing.

possible lotto numbers for saturday
1 2 3 4 5 6 – these are (a) possible and (b) just as likely to be drawn as any other combination.

how many balls are in the lotto drum
5645 of course, or what did you think??

smallest number in loto drawing

calculate numerology for free
» Here – not just for free, but free of any use!

why not to have a child in 2009 according to nummerology
As Fellmonsterchen wrote for horoscopes recently, the same applies to numerology (my translation):

Sorry, but if you believe in horoscopes, then I don’t want that much that you pass on your genes. That was brutal now, I know. But it’s right!

(Though superstitions like these are probably less genetically determined – but parents usually educate their children, of course.)

Pluto-Saturn Homeopathy
Homeopathy doesn’t become more sensible if you also dilute planets.

divining pet illnesses
Forget that bullshit and take your pet to a real vet if you love your pet!

moon calendar depilation pdf
PDFs got no hair.

moon calendar good days for window cleaning
Oh, only in 20 years, I think.

pictures of how the moon looks in the next 30 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Won’t!! look!! that!! much!! different!!!!!!!!!!!

if there’s’a god up there i hope he helps me
Bad luck, pal – but what was your imaginary friend supposed to help you with?

what does it mean if you call God in your dream and after you see a ligth in the sky
I can answer such a simple question myself: That means you’re dreaming.

books from Amazon healing with angels.
Firstly Amazon got their own search, and secondly no-one needs books to use the placebo effect.

fortunetellers who can predict lotto numbers
Fortunetellers can do that just as well as any other person who doesn’t have this possibly self-, in any case deceiving profession of “fortuneteller”.

how can I predict lotto numbers
Doesn’t any lotto player do that with his tips, if you will? At any rate, there’s no better method.

horoscope with lotto numbers
“You might eventually probably be in for some money this year. Play these numbers: 1 2 3 4 5 6.”

who wins lotto more often? men or women
That’s a question that maybe nobody ever thought about – because it’s actually not much useful to do so…

funny horoscope texts
Mine are here, as you already found, but basically you can take any horoscope to laugh at.

how runs dannys fork trick at urigella?
At whom? And why are you searching with this bad English via Google Germany?

the 52 lost prophecies of Nostradamus
Just make up some of your own, won’t be any less meaningful.

what do German scientists say about 2012
Real scientists (worldwide) all say that all this end-of-the-world, rise-of-consciousness and similar crap is crap.

lucky numbers from the universe
0 – for if you believe in these kind of things, you are a 0.

:bye: Bye, that’s it for today before it gets even more silly – and remember: You’ve Got to Ride Life’s Golden Railroad, even if you don’t hit the lotto jackpot.

C’mon, take a toe

Ausschau haltend Just like last year: Welcome to the latest edition of “replying” to search queriesSell me your soul, And Ill bring you power!

For those who don’t know yet: These search phrases, highlighted in grey, led people here, and I neither shortened nor extended them nor made them up, I just translated the German ones.

c mon.. take a toe
What for? I got 10 toes of my own.

Verena Wriedt feet
She, too, most probably. But who’s looking at her feet?? Why?

whore shoes
Ah, that’s why. Well, who cares. But fine, just keep searching if you mean to.

stars without pantiesimages
What would stars need panties images for, anyway? Maybe because of:

I knew you were wearing women’s underwear
What, me? No. How did you get that idea?

bought my boyfriend a thong
Firstly, I’m not your boyfriend, and secondly I’d recommend you buy him a men’s thong! He’ll certainly like that better, given that he says himself:

i male like to Wear Thongs
So enjoy. There are hundreds more, you know, as my old (still open) poll shows.

fuck-questionnaire to tick
There you are (multiple selection allowed):


View Results

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when you marry in a mars year
…then you’re married. And you’re married one year earlier than if you wait until next year. So what?

uri geller season 3
Whoa, take it slow, season 2 just started! And given the bad ratings, I somewhat doubt there will be another season next year…

make-all-your-wishes-come-true quantum*
I wish that quantum physics will no longer be abused by wish and other mysticism crackpots – but that’s one of those wishes that’s never gonna come true, I guess.

got 1 lotto number right in each row
Had that too some time ago. You won’t win anything, though. Especially not today’s 25 million jackpot.

get lotto numbers by random
The drawing machine and the balls do that quite well each Wednesday and Saturday, I think…

25 january lotto 2009 clairvoyant
Let me do that: These numbers will be drawn:
– – – – – –
(No drawing on Sundays, you know…)

lotto numbers who were not included
…always are really sad and would prefer a “49/49” lotto.

i am a scorpian – get me 6 nos. for playing lotto
Hey, not that demanding, search engines like politeness, too! But what’s that astrology hogwash supposed to do about lotto anyway?

What I know you don’t have to believe; you can research everything by yourself, too.

34th day of the year mystical
What’s supposed to be mystical about February 3? There’s not even a lotto drawing!

curses and their symptoms
One symptom: You’re googling for it. Or for:

mystic-the angels attributed to the sun
And yes, that’s very mystic.

telepathy with the afterlife
(1) Telepathy doesn’t work. (2) There’s no afterlife. (3) Both combined will work even less.

naturopathy barcode
Barcodes are anything but natural.

Oooh please say it’s really happening….Please oh please dont wake me up if Im dreaming, I could stay here forever, right here…in this moment.
i like you so very much that’s why I gotta wake you up. —
That’s kinda weird, kinda weird… I think so you have your own world to fix, now don’t waste the time, it’s ends, or… perhaps now it’s already late.
Hey, may I get my word in, too?

prayers are not heard
Then your thoughts are too quiet!

Ufo Reportagen auf Germen
Germen? Where’s that?

Did you mean: Einsmilefürdich?

Even without an ass it’s getting dark as the night comes down.

I hope, she fries, I’m free If that beach dies
Beaches are quite robust, they won’t fry dead that easily. (Buffy, too, actually, and you, Spike, don’t really want her to die anyway…)

Finally again a few entries for the topic “What neither proper URLs nor proper search queries look like”:
www.do you want to get to know me.de
www doche   xex kom
yor. porn. come
www. ani is at uri geller.de
www.does god know the lotto numbers.de.
www.My song .de

Jesus, I’m tired. I’m so fucking tired. You know how tired I am? If a girl came up to me and begged me to fuck her, I couldn’t do it. That’s how tired I am.
Quite a long list today, wasn’t it? So get some sleep, bye, that’s it for this week. And remember: 400 years 400 years aaaaa – erm…

Photo: Coka – Fotolia.com

And then you may

Ausschau haltend Welcome to the latest edition of “replying” to search queries… and this will continue – baby i ve got so many reasons!

For those who don’t know yet: These search phrases, highlighted in grey, led people here, and I neither shortened nor extended them nor made them up, I just translated the German ones.

and then you may
…what? What is it you want?

how do i getyour panties
Giveme yours first, will you? Who are you anyway, asking such questions?

i am the lay
Welcome. (Unusual name, innit?) But no, I won’t give you my underwear, you could only steal it from my clothesline. Or do you have a sister?

remove panties pubic hair
If panties remove pubic hair, you should wash more often!

die punctual leute (statistics)
Those people are punktuell pünktlich, but I don’t have any statistics about how punctual Denglish speakers are, sorry.

I got a heart and I’m not blind. But will this information help you in any way?

capricorn 2009-how do the stars say
If stars could speak English, they’d just say “capricorn 2009”. But stars can’t talk. And the stuff that astrologers utter is useles..

what does nostradamus say 2009
He’s dead for 442½ years, he won’t say a word!

2012 end the world who says thet
Did you mean: 2012 end of the world – who says that?
Morons, dreamers and the like.

Can you buy a lotto ball
Bribe? No, the balls don’t need money. If you want your own lotto ball: Take a table tennis ball and write the numbers on it yourself.

uri keller fake
Of course! The stuff that Uri Geller says about “paranormal abilities” etc. is nonsense already – and how could a Uri Keller say something real, then?

uri gella first show when
Geller. Started nine minutes before you searched.

Say Baby .. Am I Crazy.. Or Are You Giving Me The “Eye”..
There are (at least) a film, album and game named “The Eye” – even if I had all of them, I wouldn’t give any to you, so: you are crazy.

from lost numbers to next lotto calculation
the Lost numbers are already within the 1 to 49 range, so no need to calculate. But you won’t find a connection with the actually drawn numbers this way nor any other way.

fucking on the ice
Brrr! Only with a thick mattress underneath and/or a warm sleeping bag.

:bye: Let’s quickly jump into the warm bed, that’s it, bye! And remember: GOT TO BE MORE, MORE OF THIS WORLD, MORE OF THIS WORD THAN YOU CAN SEE, I WANNA YOU GOT TO GIVE TO ME!

Photo: Coka – Fotolia.com

“I had to bend down”

Ausschau haltend Welcome to the latest edition of “replying” to search queriesDo you want it? Do you need it? Can you feel it?

For those who don’t know yet: These search phrases, highlighted in grey, led people here, and I neither shortened nor extended them nor made them up, I just translated the German ones.

“i had to bend down”
Yeah, I (1.90m = 6ft 3in) got to bend down here and there too – e.g. under low awnings or trees or of course at the edges of my roof-top apartment.

cimddwc blog
You found it – and yes, this is a blog!

self-igniting fire
For what? Fire is already burning, no need to ignite it again.

free seite . free monster tits
Did you mean: Freie page . freie Monstermeisen?

Tou Gurl 1 cup
Did you mean: 2 girls uon kop?

Heart Ponno New
:hearts: You can get hearts here, but you won’t find ponno (whatever that may be) nor hard porn. Neither old nor new.

shaving a man’s pubes ,in which studio?
Why not do it yourself?

does buffie the body let girls touch her ass in the club
Which club? Which Buffie? The Buffy I know from TV can’t be meant here…

Granny where’s your panties
There are questions to which I don’t want to know an answer. This is one of them.

the final countdown that’s your answer i’m kaiser
And there are qestions or statements that you don’t understand in the first place.

looto numers
Begg yor padon?

please i need 6 no fur germany lotto number
I see. Now what’s so hard about just picking 6 numbers from 1 to 49? But alright, since you said “please”: 1 2 3 47 48 49.

how to find my horoscope

  • The expensive method: buy it from an astrologer.
  • The cheap method: search for it on the net.
  • The really cheap method: dig through waste paper and stitch newspaper horoscope clippings together.
  • The funny method: here.
  • The sensible method: ignore them.

The end result will yield similarly sensible statements.

divining rod in homeopathy
Only a divining rod can find active agents in those little sugar balls…

the first new moon of 2009 and ancient knowledge
The ancient people certainly didn’t care about the moon this year.

predictions 2009 numerology
My prediction: In 2009, too, numerology will be as nonsensical as in 2008. Or in 2007. Or…

Now let’s briefly turn to the topic “What do domain names not look like”:
www.rtl/prophecy lotto numbe.de
www.maria esmeralda fortuneteller.com
www.hoerzu interview Dieter Broers.de
www.new yearssayings
www.over 40 sex .de
www.secret fuck mother-in-law.de
www.Pfaffenhofen an d. ILM.de

:bye: That’s it for this time, bye – and remember to put into your last will: when i die don’t marry me but hang my balls from a cherry tree.

Photo: Coka – Fotolia.com

Please smile

Ausschau haltend Just like last year: Welcome to the latest edition of “replying” to search queriesthis not so good when you wrong, so come to me now!

For those who don’t know yet: These search phrases, highlighted in grey, led people here, and I neither shortened nor extended them nor made them up, I just translated the German ones.

please smile

Best wishes!! Merry Christmas!
On Dec 29? A little late, isn’t it?

a good start into the new year but how?
Well, maybe you should start finding answers to this questions a little earlier than 4½ hours before New Year’s Day…

letter on my best girlfriend i am sorry
Then just take it off of her again – I do hope you didn’t staple or glue the letter on your girlfriend!

has the light…i don’t see your face no more….well well my love
i see your face no more…..broken heart…fell well…dream no more…
Your Frogotten In My Brain, But Forever Sitched In My Heart
Lovesick? She didn’t forgive you after that letter? Well… but don’t despair, it’s gonna be fine again…

broke my hear into a million pieces, but we can fuck til you sumtin jesus
Fucking’s not a bad idea – also a way to repress lovesickness… –, but what do you mean with “til you something Jesus”??

uri geler his show with eliens the whole show
Hmm, I got a report about Uri Geller’s show about aliens, but I can’t offer anything about someone rubbing gel on Eliens, whoever that is.

men thong boxer
Do you mean boxers – fist fighters? dogs? – in thongs? Or the question whether to wear “thongs or boxers?” or “thong-boxer” combinations? Well, never mind, better wear briefs. So, guys: Take off boxers, and go vacuuming without slip, because this is how i begin the new year. But beware, there may be panties thieves, so don’t keep your underwear lying around unattended!

ice angel porn
Given how cold it is, that’s no surprise. So better keep your panties on!

I got in my panties…
Yes, what?

Surely not on VHS tapes, those won’t fit inside panties. But films that cause your removal from the internet – maybe to jail? Better keep your hands off that crap!

how to scientifically predict lottery numbers
No way.

determine lotto numbers using faith
That won’t help either, the drawing balls won’t listen to your faith.

determine lotto numbers using God
Just as useless – or do you believe your god supports gambilng?
Well, those who first search for “determine using faith” and half an hour later for “determine using God” and click on the same post about pretended Global Scaling lotto prediction, might believe that, too…

the exact lotto numbers take time to be calculated
Sure, so much time until the drawing is over… So better save your useless efforts with your numbers.

not the lotto numbers the combinations
Ah. Well, you can calculate your chances, but that’s all.

Bye, that’s it for this week, and remember: i WanT eVeRYtHiNg YoU wIsHeD FoR bUt Of CoUrSe I hAd To TuRn InTo EvErYtHiNg YoU hAvE eVeR hAtEd AnD fEaReD!!!!!!!!!!eViL oN tHe RuN !!!!wAtCh OuT!!!!

Photo: Coka – Fotolia.com