Musikalische Zitate

Hier stand früher eine Auflistung aller musikalischen Zitate, also Liedtextzeilen, die früher unterhalb (fast) jedes Beitrags standen. V.a. wegen des Aufwandes, immer neue passende Zitate zu finden, und Bedenken, irgendein Urheberrechtsfetischist könnte mal Anstoß nehmen, gibt es sie seit einiger Zeit nicht mehr.

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  1. :) never cared 4 wht thy gooz

  2. c

    huh? :)

  3. s

    I think my songs are better


    do you know the song in this video

  5. c

    Sorry, no.

  6. NP

    They R OK. :oops:

  7. i want you so bad can you feel it too? you know i’m so, so in love with you?

    anybody tell me what song this is please?

  8. c

    Sorry, don’t know that one. Maybe try searching at if Google doesn’t bring up anything…

  9. kb

    its kelsey by metro station.

  10. c

    Well, thanks! Hopefully the Anonymous who asked will come to know that somehow if (s)he didn’t find it elsewhere in the mean time…

  11. someone likes Queen and everything related

  12. t

    okayy u sitt there and think does he even like you but when your together all you want is him to be with you :idea: :idea: :idea: :P :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ;) :lol:

  13. g

    anyone knows the song

    “ i think about you every night and every day because in my heart i know i never gonna let you go “

    i thought it was mint condition but without me knowning the name of the song, im not sure

    can you help


    • c

      Sorry, don’t know – all I could do is google myself (though maybe you’re more successful searching only on lyrics sites or add the word „lyrics“ to the search phrase)…

  14. c

    does anybody know the name to a song that goes like this—->that’s the way it had to be he takes it from the back :|

  15. does anyone know this song….it ends with- ‚just remember baby..(few lines in between)…you might try to fool me, but its all in the game‘

  16. t

    i love chins. :oops:

  17. t

    harry potter (L) chin. :twisted:

  18. t

    hello gorgeous, my name is william. i love my dad. nicola is fucking harrasing me, keeps fucking ringing me cos shes a bitch. ROFL:) :cry:

  19. hm

    can any1 tell me wat is thiz song here is sum part of it
    „every times i get the feeling you give me something to believe in… baby im going to be your number one“ :oops: :o :) :mrgreen:

  20. :evil:

  21. hmp

    i want to no the song that peter was singing. it was a 80 or 90’s song i think. he says…. we come together thats a natural fact.. cos im dressed like a cat. or sumin. it was a black guy and a white girl or something in the acctual vid but i cant rememeber it :( anyone help?

  22. hmp

    can sum 1 help. if you watch family guy, have you seen the one where peter is singing and he says. we come together thats a anatural fact, cos im ressed like a cat! kinda funny but do you no the song?

  23. hmp

    oh i posted it twice 8O soz

  24. c

    Well, I don’t know that much from Family Guy, but given the lyrics, I think it might be a fun version of Paula Abdul’s „Opposites Attract“, so you might want to check that out.

    (And please note that this is no forum where a lot of people show up, but the (rarely read) comments section of a post on my blog, so there might be no-one else to answer…)

  25. s

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  26. :lol:

  27. it’s like i’m fighting‘ for her love but i’m never gonna win
    we make up to break up, break up to make up
    cry me a river, tear stream down your make up
    really can’t say much no words can save us
    to open the door cuhs now her stay shut.
    now i’m back to stage one, page one, loved one,
    lost one, priceless
    no money could buy us

  28. :danke:

  29. EEA


  30. L

    i hav an awesome song stuck in my head but idk what it is.. :evil: :roll:

  31. ;

    i need help, with two musics, one is

    you can’t see me, you can’t feel me ?but you will think it’s real?


    sometimes it’s seen a bit complicated,……….., much i have ?wasted ?

    • c

      Hmm… Google obviously doesn’t help either. Sorry, don’t know – maybe someone else, but I don’t think a lot of people read these comments…

  32. SS

    :oops: :D ;) :P :oops:

  33. k

    There is an old folk song that has some lyrics like this: survivor you know we are a survivor…you’ve been told now don’t you give up beat your head against the wall it don’t hurt much…and you’ve been told that you’re a fool if you fail…but this is really not enough..when it’s not enough and you know you know when it’s not enough…..survivor…she’s got the right to shake her fist at fate….

    I hope someone can help me remember the title and artist.

  34. m


    • c

      Assuming for a moment that Akismet was wrong to treat you as spam – which I doubt, given search results for your nickname – and that you actually show up again, I got a question, well, actually two questions for you:

      1) WHY?

      2) Do you really think you can go around and post „delete this“ anywhere on the net when you don’t like where your search engine took you? Get real!

      (Edit) Ah, so a few hours later, you tried to dump a load of spam links – and failed miserably because none became actual links. Welcome back to the spam trashcan.

  35. H

    Great list of music. It is interesting to see you have a lot of american music on there. Who introduced you to most of them. Or where they as mainstream in Germany as they were in America.

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